Gucci Britt Hobo in Sand Beige

Don’t feel like penning anything much now. Depressed and sad. Utterly down. Only a stepchild, it’s never ever going to be enough.


The trench or military style

I wore this and at the end of the day, someone asked me, wah new dress? New…considering the fact that I got this while i was in pain which was almost half a year ago. But people, some with birdbrain thought that I was just cooking it up. That’s interestingly evil-hearted. Anyway, it’s not the first time, I’ve seen it too much in one. And to say such a thing with regards to what happened to me, I’m glad because it clearly reveals the truth of pretentious nature.

My friend showed me this article and boomz…the certain passage about him staying by her side, made me cry…silly me, I cried too when I watched Yasmeen Ahmad’s works. But then my friend summed it up well, that he didn’t mind just crying it out…because he felt better after that. Strangely, for someone like me, how did I manage to turn the tap on? I must have been too touched, or someone must have known the button in my heart…

We are who we are because we allow ourselves to think we are that. I have had good times in my studies and I know I will always enjoy the intellectual conversations and debates of the mind. With my close friends, we can talk about anything, and help one another to discover more about ourselves and work upon ourselves. That, I think, is the process of good friendships and bonds. Relationships in life can be easily attainable if you view them as networking in social settings. They may be sustainable over the years, as long as both or more parties provide benefits to the circle. But is that what I want? Nope. I value quality bonding. I don’t like the new-age term of ‘networking’. It really devalues the quality of relationships among people. If it’s all about networking, aren’t we just using people for own benefits? It’s amazing to see people these days having no qualms in attaining networking of all means. And this is not restricted to just friends. All are considered tools to them.

Ya right, more often than not, when I spend time with someone just due to networking, I end up feeling so bad about myself, because I could have used my time for something better! But then thank God, He has blessed me with good friends…that spending time isn’t much of an issue to me…because time flies with these friends!