Insights and Perceptions

What we think and do, are these all being governed by our upbringing?

Or are these simply by-products of our very own natural mindset? 

I don’t understand how people can choose to be rude. Yes I know one can be rude. But how do you make that into a decision from your choices – rude, well-mannered, neutral, warm, cold etc? Is this a reflection of one’s environment, or merely a defensive mechanism?

I know how to be rude. But it’s a conscious choice I decided to make each time, not to be rude, when I encounter frustrating moments. And it’s not my default mode to be rude. Surprisingly for many, it seems that it’s a default to them. Maybe I am being picky. Thinking too deeply. Rudeness in the eyes of many, actually equates to norm way of life. Oh well, thousands of years of civilisation of us humankind…equates to rubbish?

I wonder, have I been living in a sheltered environment or have I subconsciously exclude rudeness out of my life?

And perhaps, each time I make a certain decision, I am governed by the Holy Spirit, to act in accordance to what the Bible says? I am not all saint. I do have my struggles. I recognise this and I seek help. From who? Definitely not from mankind but from God.

I remembered those years when I served fervently as a Sunday School teacher in church. And those years when I leaned upon God’s word and the Holy Spirit for understanding and directions. I am very thankful for all the moments of opportunities God has given me, past and present. For each time, He has sent His word for me to rely upon. And of course, the gift that He has given me.

I try not to use the gift. Because in the past I was saddened upon its use. However His gift allows me to receive Holy insights and with that, moves me towards God’s path for me, instead of man’s path. I can’t just put away this gift and not utilise it for godly purposes. Perhaps for many years I did not want to use it. Because there are other important things bothering my heart. Perhaps for many years I already had this insight, but I chose to put it away and told myself that it’s just NOT THAT.

What about now? I still have other important things to handle. Can I deal with them?

Of course I can. For that’s the time when God gets me to refer to His Holy Word. With the Bible, I see and know the truth. Truth bears no weight when man pursues not of God. As I pursue things of God, the Truth weighs me down. Extremely much. Thus my heart is heavy. My heart is weary. But His Holy Word restores my heaviness and weariness of heart.

It’s so easy to be tempted. As long as I do not pray and do not seek God’s words and directions, I know the extent to which I can just embark on. It’s scary when temptations set in. And they exist in all kinds – human form and not non-human form. And because I recognise that temptations do creep in, I have to be on the alert and be mindful to refer to God’s directions at all times.

I don’t understand why people will exploit others. But I think it’s just being mutual. One has to consent to being exploited, no? Just that the one who consented to being exploited may also in turn have a hidden agenda. And when the hidden agenda is not being achieved or things go awry, we expose the exploiter…

I seek the truth, and don’t fancy half-truths and lies. I am thankful of people who speak truths to me. How do I ascertain truths? When it’s beyond superficiality. When it’s not just a matter of convenience. When my presence is not of contributive effect to the matter concerned.

I may not like the truths. But I respect the person who tells me the truth. 

What most people may think: You won’t like the person if you know the truth.

O_o              O_o             O_o

This only means most people care more about being liked…

Indeed a moment of confirmation for me.

I know how hard it is to feel not being liked. Recalled my earlier days when a fellow churchmate viewed me as her rivalry. And she did all sorts of things to show me she didn’t like me. It hurt me badly – only because I viewed her as my sis-in-christ. So I referred to my trusted aide – God’s Holy Word! And with that, I know, that while I feel sad that she didn’t like me, I recognise that I do not need her acknowledgement of like for me, because she’s not God. And with this incident, it sort of confirmed and made me into who I am today.

I don’t seek approval from anyone but God.

There are temptations. To do things that bring me away from God. And so what I do is: Pray and Pray and Pray.

Quiet moments. I need. Be it for prayers against temptations or prayers for healing. Or just being still before God.


An episode away from home

My app didn’t manage to load many of my writings, since last year till this current moment. And while I try to understand and find my missing writings, I am at the same time trying to pen down my current thoughts. Oh well, such a confusion to me. Back to the past while trying to understand the present? 😐

An episode I had while far away from home. Went to see a doctor. Initially I wanted to check myself into the hospital…I knew I would have the drip AGAIN. And sure enough, in the clinic, I had my drip. Thankfully, thereafter I was able to have some good and proper meals… It was a real scare. But then, how many scares have I encountered all throughout? 😱 I have been through several rounds of surgery, been through admission to get drips and such… 😐 Sat on wheelchairs, rolled in to hospital operating theatres… Saw the bright light bulbs in the theatres 😐 Coldness. Yup. I went through them all.

I don’t know how to describe the feelings and thoughts. Maybe I am just numbed to all sensations. Maybe I froze?… Just like if someone were to be attentive to me, I would freeze too. Why? Because I am not accustomed to such sensations. 

I still think, it’s better for me to just enjoy my #metime. Things get too complicated and tiring and I don’t want to hear too many voices. I just want to travel and visit the places I love. I don’t think I can ever be ready. I have never been ready. So why would I just suddenly become ready? Impossible…I have never ever really wanted to have shared space shared time…and I don’t compromise or pretend. Thus it is just so hard. I can’t expect people to give in to me, right? I can really be very “bullish”, and this won’t help me in my life and in my growth.

I don’t want to keep considering and putting myself away. Maybe this is my first year of getting back to myself. And thus I feel so overwhelmed with what I could and would have done. I have put away my wants and loves far too long. To the fact that I seem to have forgotten…the existence! And thus I need strength. I can’t handle my emotions. Strong emotions. And that’s bad for my health. For in a way, this may result in undue stress. 

I am not all perfect. And thus I wish people don’t expect much from me. I have my weaknesses too. And as much as I want to do my best, to my conscience, I may choose to do otherwise too… coz after all, I am a human and not a robot. Why can’t I fail in some aspects? Why can’t I just pursue what I want?

Thousands of thoughts. Just which one is mine?

It’s been a while since I last had a proper #me time

A weirdo I am. My #me time comprises of me ALONE. And best if I am on a sunny island. Small island. Facing the sea, with a boat/yacht by my side…haha…

Thinking that one day I should visit Okinawa. Never been there and I don’t know much about the culture and people there. I just think, it will be an interesting trip. Wouldn’t it? I don’t like routine, it’s more of complacency and dependency in the long run. Yes, and that makes me an unthinking person. But well, I have to make some kind of compromise, a decision that most likely allow me to do more exploration. I dislike being tied down, and I just want to venture. Contrary to whatever astrology geeks and horoscope gurus have written, I am someone who opposes regulations, dislikes routine, prefers vibrancy and challenges, desires freedom…only thing they got it right is my love for nature. Yes, NATURE πŸŒ»πŸŒˆπŸŒ³πŸŒΈπŸŒΏβ›„πŸŒžπŸŒ„πŸ—»

I love my home. But I love outdoors actually. Not shopping mall. I love the greenery. And this, I can only do my trekking when I am away. Coz of the cooler climate. And nice people 😊 

A weirdo I am. I can listen to the same song a dozen times πŸ’ΏπŸŽΆπŸŽΉπŸŽΊ Yes, only REPEAT mode. Until I decide to move on to another song and REPEAT. Rinse and repeat. I realise that dancing is a good workout. I tried many years ago. And now, I think I would pick it up again. I just can’t do run too much. I prefer dance with music. Coz I love the rhythm and how my body moves along with the rhythm. In sync with it, that allows me to also freely express myself, my ideas, my movements. I tend to find interests that allows myself to exhibit freedom of choice…expressions. Nail decor, home decor, painting, jewellery making, cooking, composing, dressmaking hmm….i want to hone my skills, and I wish I can be determined enough to remain focus. Somehow, I am distracted on and off…to pursue things of this world. And because of distractions, I feel sad, coz I am being dragged into the mundane of this world, or rather, society so to speak. 

A weirdo I am. I want set aside so much time just to be in touch with myself. Yes I know I can just go out with whosoever. But that’s not the lifestyle I want. To me, it’s still the same. I find myself. I try to be very low-key, be it whatever social circles I have. Maybe I am not prepared at this stage. Thus I appear very lukewarm in my attitude towards matters in life. Life was very hectic for me in the past, and I am glad that I am begining to take a breather now. Thus, I still need time. I know, people say, the time is never right unless you allow yourself to have it…ya. But that’s not me. I am very selfish. With regard to time.

I am looking forward to the day. When I can just do what I desire, as according to my dream. Lol…okay, this may be a dream after all. So let me just dream on πŸ˜‰πŸ™πŸŒˆ

I believe…Hidden Agenda

I believe that our actions denote our real heart. It’s hard to do things opposed to how we feel/think, because that would require special efforts on our part. Such special efforts can be a drain to our energy, and not everyone can keep up with such. Over the days, the fox’s tail is being revealed, slowly yet surely. Haven’t we heard of this phrase “ζ—₯久见人心”?

I gave a decade of chances for some people to prove me wrong. I am fine with the decade gone, because it honed my skills of detecting such people. When I first heard people uttering someone as being childish, I thought to myself, yes indeed, there are many people much kinder and soft-hearted than me. It’s not a matter of whether there are two sides to a coin. Basically, I don’t like to waste my time by going in circles and having people to play the game of rounders. I may entertain you for the first round, thereafter I don’t give a damn. I don’t think we are in kindergarten, or little play groups where we are still trying to get used to the socialisation norms.

Old habits die hard. If we never put a stop to it, we become part of the contributing factor to the eventual outcome. However, many refuse to see this fact. And this leads me to question, the Hidden Agenda.

How many are OK with people not liking them?

How many are constantly striving to be pleasing to others?

How many really do things because of joy in their heart for people?

The first group is a minority. Likewise for the last group. There are many in the middle group.

In all honesty, I believe that there is an overlap between the middle and the last group. The first group is usually being deemed by adjectives such as: arrogant, queer, obstinate, fierce, outcast, etc.

It’s not hard to know which group I belong to. Or perhaps some people refuse to believe that I would actually belong to this group since majority of the world should belong to the middle group. Oh ya, middle group rules the world? Seriously. And don’t trample on my happy nature, for I snap as sharply as what a laser would do.

Is Iron Man concerned about how he appeals to the world? I hope he doesn’t. It would be such a disappointment if he is just someone who is a mediocre. I like some badass, and definitely a hero who is not afraid of stating his stand for the cause he believes in. Is this too much to ask?

Being true


Bought this during one of my trips. I gathered that this is much better and portable for me. Interesting thing I discovered is, upon using after each session, I get to empty my bowel real well. And air gets dispelled from my body. Prior to this product, I bought some MIC ones. And sad to say, it’s cmi. Cheap though, but they don’t do the work. The problem still remained. Toxins still remained. Thus, I firmly stand to my valued and prized belief: β™‘ Japanese β™‘

God truly has His way of preparing me. My heart. I can totally remain oblivious to what’s being presented right in front of me. I know that God doesn’t want me to be oblivious. To my heart. And for my growth. And I am pretty sure, that everything shall be in line with God’s plan. I am not God. I just have to trust God. All along, I thought it’s with regard to that reason. It’s only now, that I realised. God prepared me a few years ahead. So…likewise, this time round, I hear Him distinctly too, I shall do as commanded. It’s illogical for a practical me, but logical for a realistic me. How do I explain this? Perhaps that’s the reason why I have such a huge struggle earlier on within myself 😄😄😄 Practical vs Realistic…in the end, I just want to walk as according to God’s directions.

I can hear it so loud and clear. To the point I can’t ignore it anymore. How many times must this be brought forward to my heart? And for myself, I don’t make a decision in a spur of moment. If I am decided on it, I must have had considered it a thousand odd times. And of course, I have a considerable amount of quiet time with God solely…no distractions.

Seize the Opportunity Take flight and Go


I wish I can tell some straight to the point, when given the opportunities, do not hesitate. All opportunities come with a risk, as with all matters, like it or not. But with opportunities, at least it’s something you can decide to move forward with your own choice.

Sadly, I see so many people going through all the motions of just being there. Young and old alike. Doesn’t matter. Regardless of age. It doesn’t mean that being young makes you a reckless person or an opportunity go-getter. It also doesn’t mean that being old means you are ever ready to be confined to a boundary and never move out of comfort zone. End of the day, I think it’s the inner nature of the person. I dread to see people lamenting about how horrid their governors were and yet didn’t do anything much to change the circumstances. I hate to see people commenting and criticising so much about bad governance while no concrete action is being taken by them likewise. I simple detest…for i believe, as what I always firmly agree to Einstein’s quote, that this world is being made evil not by people who did evil.

I don’t have anything against people who did evil, openly. I think they are a brave lot. And they stand firmly on their own. In fact, I respect them for it. Being able to stand firmly on their own. How many can do this? I rather that people come as an open page, good or evil, let it be known. But alas! Many are just afraid of being revealed as the real evil.

Anyway, my post is not about being evil or good. I have long known and understood my stand.

We are here at different phases in life. Sometimes we require certain things or people as according to our phase in life. Thus to me, many factors are just transient. Likewise, I am transient too. My utmost loyalty is to God. And in God alone. Because God is not transient.
Do I think love from a parent to a child is transient? Yes.
Do I think love from a child to a parent is transient? Yes.
Do I think that spousal love is transient? Yes.
Do I think that human relationships are transient? Yes.
Do I think that human matters are transient? Yes.
We read or have encounters with all. What I say now, may not stand true or firm in years later. In fact, what I say now, may not even be the truth of myself in the years much earlier on.

I recognise this. Long time ago. And perhaps that’s why, I don’t stay once God tells me so.

I like it this way. And God allows me to be the way I am. For me to take flight and go. As according to the time He has prepared for me. I have absolute faith of His preparation and path for me. And how do I know? Because I find the peace in my heart for all my decisions given by God.

I always love spending time with God. Still remembered the quiet moments off Mersing and being in awe of God’s protection. Still remembered those times when I struggled against God’s direction, and finally submitted to Him, knowing that my studies were thoroughly a breeze for me. Still remembered the tugging of my heart for the decision to move out of a very comfortable and wonderful prospect in my life, and understanding that it was to give me the calmness of attending to a subsequent storm that came slightly later. Still remembered the immediate reaction of myself dealing with the storm and calmly decided not to be exploited in the long run. And now, just recently, two situations presented themselves. And I managed to deal with one as I have already provided pure love on my part. God knows and sees it well. My heart. What have I to hide? The second situation is still in a prayerful season. I have been seeing glimpses of it, just that I have to be real quiet in my heart to listen to God.

Once upon a time, someone commented to me with great alarm, that if I were to see one running into the drain,  I would just allow it to happen. I thought to myself, for a very very long time, and decided that, in all aspects, some people may actually enjoy falling into the drain. It’s not that they don’t know about the pain or the dangers, it’s just something that they prefer to go through themselves, and some may get a kick or a high from this. I see it as bring addictive for some, maybe because there’s something lacking in what seems to be fine.

To me, how many 5, 10 or even 15 years do I have? What does my heart actually tell me? And what does God allow me to have?

Confident that God definitely aligns my heart’s desire to God’s plan and timing for me β›ͺ🏡🐥

Problem with the brain


And yes indeed, some people just have problems with their brain. Regardless of how facts have been presented, they still insist on their viewpoint. Let me say this again, if you trust God, the God whom you have chosen to pray to, then you better make sure you trust Him and not just paying lip service to Him. And this also includes all your actions, seen or yet to be seen. I feel so perplexed that people just keep deceiving themselves. What’s so wrong with being forthcoming in your behaviour? Why must people hide behind a screen?

I don’t feel hurt. I don’t feel upset. But I am angry. The numerous times that I came with my pure heart. With no other intention. And yet people doubted. All I can say is, one believes it to be so as according to one’s deepest thoughts. To me, I always think that people tell the truth. Because I say the truth. I always think that people love with a pure heart. Because I love with a pure heart. I always think that people do things simply for passion. Because I do things with passion. But then, it’s not so. I shudder to think that mankind is too complicated. And despite whatever blah blah blah reasons, they are just hiding. Why not be frank about it? Is it so complicated? Don’t we read the Bible and practise God’s words? Don’t we hear the pastor telling us time after time? Don’t we know that if we knowingly go against God’s words we have to answer for the consequences?

I feel so…disgusted. Don’t we read the same Bible???

I have already prayed to God. That was the last straw. I hand it all over to God from this point. I won’t do anything. Not anymore. I will just let it be. Disappear. Just as usual. Is it so hard for me to do so? Nope. It’s super easy. Coz I treasure my sanity more than spending time on xyz.

On a side note, it’s amazing how we link up with people and connect with them. Via social media and such. I am glad to be able to help some people along the way. I know, it’s important that I don’t become a pharisee. Remembered my earlier days as a Sunday School teacher. Really love teaching the kids about God’s words. Really miss those days! Now, I have to think and pray. What’s God’s calling for me this time?

I thank God for allowing me to walk closely all these 31 years of faith. There were several years in between when I was lost. But God allows me to be back each time. The most major gap was almost a decade. But then, the decade has made me grown so much!

Perhaps something has happened. And I didn’t know. Perhaps it’s just the look of my happy face that irked some. Perhaps I shouldn’t be happy. I should be in pain? Hmm…agony?…But that’s not me. How do I fake it???

The events all came from God. Perhaps God wants us to see the truth. What am I saying? Of course God wants us to see the truth. The truth…

Anyway, it’s good riddance. And I shall have a good me-time. Why should I bother whether I have to remember this or that? I can forget. Especially when I don’t see you. To me, out of sight out of mind. It’s a relief for me that I don’t have to give up my me-time too.

To misinterpret my needs. What a joke! I don’t like to meet up. Regardless of my friends or acquaintances. I just like to be where my heart is. Thank God for my dwelling place. But at the same time, my heart is somewhere else.

Amazing time spent to think of matters. Different matters in 2 different weeks. I must have been real busy and occupied. Of course, there are hurdles here and there. And I think, it’s the same 3 years 8 months once again…

Wait, God is here. Right?

Oh my love and a dying heart


I remembered the same kind of stirrings of the heart. It’s from God. Definitely. Most often than not, I am quite accepting of imperfections. I don’t expect anyone to be perfect. And thus it’s fine for people to be imperfect. But unfortunately, I also don’t expect many things from people. And well…

I am already quite a creative person. Just that I am also a very complacent person. Not too sure whether this is a common trait of an artist, I do remember my maternal grandfather as someone who’s complacent. He’s good with his talent and he didn’t hanker much for luxuries. I remembered him as someone who enjoyed painting…and strolling in his neighbourhood. He also liked to play mahjong with his friends. But that’s about all. When I grow old, will I be more like him? Just enjoy my painting?…

Currently, my main creations are my dishes. I love making bentos and it’s kind of therapeutic for me…placing my thoughts far away and in a land I love so much. Just like whenever I listen to this Korean pianist Yiruma, I can’t help but being reminded of those days…my first love. The land I love so much. And thus I also love her people. There are so many good people we have met. Of course, there are black sheep in every country…perhaps it depends on our social circle. We choose the type of people we want to associate ourselves with.

My first love, doesn’t occur only 9 years ago. It started when I was way younger…I remembered those moments back when I was about 5 years old. Fiddling with the ceramic music box, viewing the mirror and watching the ballerina…then I always looked forward to the books my aunt gave me, all the tons of Japanese books, and I learned with passion…along the way, I did numerous origami crafts and bookmarks just to give to my friends and for art exhibitions…I never forgot those days. I was so happy pursuing my passion. It’s a passion that never dies in me. Just that…as we grow up, there are just too many things we have to handle, and somehow we don’t get to allocate time for our passions. Maybe that’s why I feel so stifled. I feel so out of the world. I love to do only art, music and food. How??? Can I start my studies in this area???


I guess…sometimes I have to put thoughts away. How I wish right now, I can just hop on the train, and take the ride along the stretch of sea…watching the waves splashing…maybe I just need someone to calm me down with that voice. Yes, I am nuts for 诗情画意 kind of scene. I have never been very into practical passions. I do not stay just because I have to. I go as according to the wind, the music, and of course, most importantly God. For I know, my prayers have all been answered thus far. And His directions for me have always been right.

God is great. Hallelujah β›ͺ🙏🌈

I have taken more than a day to sort out my thoughts. It’s so good to spend moments with God. Just as always since young. Thankful to my primary schoolmate back then who showed me the love of God. If not, I would still be lost.

Thank God for your blessings.
Thank God for your love.
Thank God for being here for me.
Thank God for your patience.
Thank God for allowing me time.
Thank God for your plans.

Finding peace in You, my God.

Thank God for allowing me to be happy. I guess…many years ago I didn’t think I will be able to feel this. I thought of myself, as someone whose heart was dying, day by day. And all I wanted was to just get out. But being stuck was a horrible sensation. Coz I couldn’t move towards being happy. I didn’t know I was the one who allowed myself to be stuck. I simply concentrated on my dying heart. And perhaps dwelling on the negativity…But God picked me up. Once again. Just like more than 2 decades ago. God doesn’t allow me to be stuck. He gave me a direction. And I simply prayed and followed.

So now. It’s that similar feeling. And once again, I know that I am not stuck. The only thing I have to deal with, is my willingness. The willingness to forgo many things. There is no right or wrong in this. It’s more of a matter of how willing I am.

I guess, I need to identify my love.
Home is where the heart is.
Simply so.

Saying Goodbye


I think this should be my favourite hangout…Quiet. Yes, there are people. But not too crowded for my discomfort. I like it when I get to have the chance to be alone, do my lone thinking, be in my own world…I try to socialise. Haha, in fact, I have always tried. The only problem is I enjoy my lone time more than anything else. Oh, I wonder whether there’s anyone who really can understand this part. I just don’t want people to misunderstand. It’s not that I don’t enjoy their company. I do. I really do. For if I don’t, I wouldn’t have even bothered to spend any slightest of time with them at all.

Saying Goodbye is tough. Is it so?…
When I say Goodbye, I just pack and go. It seems that I have no qualms in just getting to what I want…and that’s to leave. To go to where I want to be. Wherever the place is. Whoever I want to be with. I don’t know whether this is scary. To anyone who knows me. Or perhaps those who think they know me may eventually realise they have not known me at all…

Saying Goodbye is tough. When it is forever.

Oh and I am tearing. Comforting someone is just like comforting my future self. I have been through the stages of grieving. But still, the grief I had been through was of another form. Back then, it was more of an emotional form. How do I prepare for a physical form of grief? I don’t think we could ever be prepared.

…To love a person is to be patient..
I have recently realised about this.

As from the Bible:
1 Corinthians 13:4-13 New International Version (NIV)

[4 Love is patient, love is kind….8 Love never fails….13 And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.]

I realised that we all have different rates of growth. Different environment settings. Different backgrounds. Different circumstances in life. All these affect our rate of growth. I guess at times it’s hard to be patient. Hard to understand. But I will.

While there are many things in life that I am looking so much forward to, I have to remind myself not to be greedy. Not to fall into the temptation of greed. Sometimes we may get carried away, when we recognise that we can get so much more of the things we want…when we keep having the feelings of being shortchanged…when we forget to be thankful…when we aren’t thankful for the blessings we received from God…

I told myself, it’s either now or never ever. Is this a good advice? I am worried that I am just acting based on my impulse. And yet I am worried that I am just procrastinating. How do I strike a balance?

I can get obsessed with music. I can listen to the same song or music over and over again…until I can even play the tune of this piece…Obsession. That’s what I would be, when I really have the passion or the love. And perhaps, this is the greatest fear I have. I am just too extreme. Does this make sense?

We are just pilgrims in this world. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. What have I not been doing?

Mundane chores are just the reality. We couldn’t be walking in the rainbows daily, could we? But rainbow is the covenant that God has made with us. Thus, I should be…walking towards this rainbow…shouldn’t I?

And yes, I have always loved the rainbow 🌈 I still believe that our world is beautiful.

Oh. And all those dramas and movies I have watched. I am not exactly a romanticist…And I don’t really like romance either…But there are some that left a deep impression in my heart. Just like some people…Goblin and The Great Gatsby. To confess, I did fell asleep at some episodes of Goblin, and I did let the episodes run while I was busy with the Internet. Not exactly a fan of Kdrama rom-com or whatever genre that drama was. But Goblin did set me thinking. Just like the appearance of some people here and there… Now and then… I am aware of myself, that my thoughts do not necessarily resulted in me pipping it with actions. I don’t know. I just couldn’t. Or maybe, I just wouldn’t. The Great Gatsby was heart-wrenching at some parts. Or perhaps, it was bizarre 😂😂😂 But I think I love the cinematography of this set. To me, this is artistic.

Tell me, what is love? I have heard differing versions. I have seen differing versions. The most consistent version of love in human form is from a mother to a child (though I do see differing versions of this as well 😨). I have been too busy to notice that the last I really fell much for someone was 5-6 years ago. And despite some distractions in between the years, I didn’t want to pursue anything concrete. Do I really want anything concrete? What’s concrete, when feelings are just easily swayed? Regardless of the number of years you have known a person. Regardless of the tough times you have been through with a person. Regardless of the faith you share with the person. Regardless of the future you have promised to pursue together. Love should be concrete, shouldn’t it? And anything that is concrete can also be demolished, isn’t it so? With human technology. And which in this day and time, social media. But, is social media the only destructive factor? I would still think, it’s the wandering and lingering hearts…

Nope. I think it’s perfectly fine to develop feelings for another person. Be it whether one is single, attached, or married. We aren’t robots, how can we programme ourselves not to have feelings? The only grip comes from how we handle our feelings.

My friend asked me, was it the Japanese guy who made me realise about this…He’s like a poem. Poem in my bookmark. That’s the description I have for him. Some people talk a lot, and there’s no content. Some people hardly talk and so I hardly know them. Some people…are just like the words in the poem. Artistic intellectual.

But then, it’s just that. I rather this remains a beautiful memory, than letting the passion fizzles…

And subsequently, I am just too busy…too busy catching up with my own self, to get my #metime, my sanity. I cherish my freedom a lot. One thing I cannot reconcile, is having to lose my freedom. I can’t, and I have to remind myself about this. Freedom is a precious commodity to me. Just like time.

And yes, I run away when I sense I am losing my freedom…I never know how to put these into words. But that’s me. I am unable to stay within a cage. I need to hop around. I need the freedom to run to the places and people I love. I need my space. I don’t want to end up grousing, and whining about not having enough of what I want. I don’t want to feel obliged to the other person, even if I love this person, I want to be a cheerful giver, I don’t want to be doing things just because I am in that position…

For the one who has tried to touch me with his mindful heart, I am thankful that things have ended. For there’s nothing I can really reciprocate from my part. I have seen it coming, just as what has happened earlier…way before this. I just cannot reciprocate.

Maybe people will say I am just being ungrateful, discontented etc. Whatever. My decision is always clear. I can’t be reciprocating whatever that comes along.

And so. I think, it’s indeed good to have my me-time.

Currently, I’m listening to this song by Lana Del Rey. Not hard to guess which particular song it is. Just that this song reminds me so much of a friend I used to have…who always pursues love. And were those loves after all?…If those were loves, there’s no need to be jealous at all. If those were loves, there’s no need to compete at all. I wish…this friend understood this. And now, oh well, I have to handle yet another one…Just because of some unresolved feelings from the past?…I am the innocent one. As usual. I did nothing. And to me, it’s nonsensical competition. If the person chose me in the past, it wasn’t me who wanted to be chosen from the start. If the person is still nice to me, it isn’t me who wants this person to still be nice to me…I don’t know how to explain.

Hard to say Goodbye?
…when we don’t ever get to see each other in this lifetime…