Being true


Bought this during one of my trips. I gathered that this is much better and portable for me. Interesting thing I discovered is, upon using after each session, I get to empty my bowel real well. And air gets dispelled from my body. Prior to this product, I bought some MIC ones. And sad to say, it’s cmi. Cheap though, but they don’t do the work. The problem still remained. Toxins still remained. Thus, I firmly stand to my valued and prized belief: ♡ Japanese ♡

God truly has His way of preparing me. My heart. I can totally remain oblivious to what’s being presented right in front of me. I know that God doesn’t want me to be oblivious. To my heart. And for my growth. And I am pretty sure, that everything shall be in line with God’s plan. I am not God. I just have to trust God. All along, I thought it’s with regard to that reason. It’s only now, that I realised. God prepared me a few years ahead. So…likewise, this time round, I hear Him distinctly too, I shall do as commanded. It’s illogical for a practical me, but logical for a realistic me. How do I explain this? Perhaps that’s the reason why I have such a huge struggle earlier on within myself 😄😄😄 Practical vs Realistic…in the end, I just want to walk as according to God’s directions.

I can hear it so loud and clear. To the point I can’t ignore it anymore. How many times must this be brought forward to my heart? And for myself, I don’t make a decision in a spur of moment. If I am decided on it, I must have had considered it a thousand odd times. And of course, I have a considerable amount of quiet time with God solely…no distractions.


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