Being true


Bought this during one of my trips. I gathered that this is much better and portable for me. Interesting thing I discovered is, upon using after each session, I get to empty my bowel real well. And air gets dispelled from my body. Prior to this product, I bought some MIC ones. And sad to say, it’s cmi. Cheap though, but they don’t do the work. The problem still remained. Toxins still remained. Thus, I firmly stand to my valued and prized belief: ♡ Japanese ♡

God truly has His way of preparing me. My heart. I can totally remain oblivious to what’s being presented right in front of me. I know that God doesn’t want me to be oblivious. To my heart. And for my growth. And I am pretty sure, that everything shall be in line with God’s plan. I am not God. I just have to trust God. All along, I thought it’s with regard to that reason. It’s only now, that I realised. God prepared me a few years ahead. So…likewise, this time round, I hear Him distinctly too, I shall do as commanded. It’s illogical for a practical me, but logical for a realistic me. How do I explain this? Perhaps that’s the reason why I have such a huge struggle earlier on within myself 😄😄😄 Practical vs Realistic…in the end, I just want to walk as according to God’s directions.

I can hear it so loud and clear. To the point I can’t ignore it anymore. How many times must this be brought forward to my heart? And for myself, I don’t make a decision in a spur of moment. If I am decided on it, I must have had considered it a thousand odd times. And of course, I have a considerable amount of quiet time with God solely…no distractions.


Seize the Opportunity Take flight and Go


I wish I can tell some straight to the point, when given the opportunities, do not hesitate. All opportunities come with a risk, as with all matters, like it or not. But with opportunities, at least it’s something you can decide to move forward with your own choice.

Sadly, I see so many people going through all the motions of just being there. Young and old alike. Doesn’t matter. Regardless of age. It doesn’t mean that being young makes you a reckless person or an opportunity go-getter. It also doesn’t mean that being old means you are ever ready to be confined to a boundary and never move out of comfort zone. End of the day, I think it’s the inner nature of the person. I dread to see people lamenting about how horrid their governors were and yet didn’t do anything much to change the circumstances. I hate to see people commenting and criticising so much about bad governance while no concrete action is being taken by them likewise. I simple detest…for i believe, as what I always firmly agree to Einstein’s quote, that this world is being made evil not by people who did evil.

I don’t have anything against people who did evil, openly. I think they are a brave lot. And they stand firmly on their own. In fact, I respect them for it. Being able to stand firmly on their own. How many can do this? I rather that people come as an open page, good or evil, let it be known. But alas! Many are just afraid of being revealed as the real evil.

Anyway, my post is not about being evil or good. I have long known and understood my stand.

We are here at different phases in life. Sometimes we require certain things or people as according to our phase in life. Thus to me, many factors are just transient. Likewise, I am transient too. My utmost loyalty is to God. And in God alone. Because God is not transient.
Do I think love from a parent to a child is transient? Yes.
Do I think love from a child to a parent is transient? Yes.
Do I think that spousal love is transient? Yes.
Do I think that human relationships are transient? Yes.
Do I think that human matters are transient? Yes.
We read or have encounters with all. What I say now, may not stand true or firm in years later. In fact, what I say now, may not even be the truth of myself in the years much earlier on.

I recognise this. Long time ago. And perhaps that’s why, I don’t stay once God tells me so.

I like it this way. And God allows me to be the way I am. For me to take flight and go. As according to the time He has prepared for me. I have absolute faith of His preparation and path for me. And how do I know? Because I find the peace in my heart for all my decisions given by God.

I always love spending time with God. Still remembered the quiet moments off Mersing and being in awe of God’s protection. Still remembered those times when I struggled against God’s direction, and finally submitted to Him, knowing that my studies were thoroughly a breeze for me. Still remembered the tugging of my heart for the decision to move out of a very comfortable and wonderful prospect in my life, and understanding that it was to give me the calmness of attending to a subsequent storm that came slightly later. Still remembered the immediate reaction of myself dealing with the storm and calmly decided not to be exploited in the long run. And now, just recently, two situations presented themselves. And I managed to deal with one as I have already provided pure love on my part. God knows and sees it well. My heart. What have I to hide? The second situation is still in a prayerful season. I have been seeing glimpses of it, just that I have to be real quiet in my heart to listen to God.

Once upon a time, someone commented to me with great alarm, that if I were to see one running into the drain,  I would just allow it to happen. I thought to myself, for a very very long time, and decided that, in all aspects, some people may actually enjoy falling into the drain. It’s not that they don’t know about the pain or the dangers, it’s just something that they prefer to go through themselves, and some may get a kick or a high from this. I see it as bring addictive for some, maybe because there’s something lacking in what seems to be fine.

To me, how many 5, 10 or even 15 years do I have? What does my heart actually tell me? And what does God allow me to have?

Confident that God definitely aligns my heart’s desire to God’s plan and timing for me ⛪🏡🐥