My current favourite mouthwash!


Oh my! I am raving so much about this mouthwash that I am currently using. I simply adore it! My usual routine of flossing my teeth, brushing my teeth and with the latest addition of using this mouthwash, I can indeed find that my mouth is getting rid of many unwanted stuffs inhibiting my teeth and gum. So thankful that there’s this particular mouthwash that doesn’t really bite. Listerine bites, but it’s also good for my use, especially when I want to get rid of bacteria that affects my mouth. I don’t use Listerine on a daily basis…

I seriously don’t like the way how some guys try to hit on me. Am I flattered? Okay, given my age, I should feel flattered right? Maybe some people will think I am being such an ungrateful brat. Must I reciprocate people’s fairy-tale feelings towards me? I don’t see the need to…But neither do I want to offend anyone. It’s quite tough in a way. Just that I can’t be outrightly rude. Right? Come to think about it, the last time I did have romantic thoughts about someone was…hmmm…5-6 years ago? It was somewhat mutual, but then, circumstances were so different during those years. I had too much to cope, and my priorities were very clear. Was I very focused on my responsibilities back then. Yes, I was. Very. Clear.

I did tell myself that such moments like that would come and go. Having said that, of course we don’t fall for people every now and then, that would have been an addiction. Yet at the same time, I am of the view that…it’s alright to just let go of those feelings when my circumstances do not permit. I was very clear, that my years earlier on did not permit me the liberty to make multiple commitments. I would have really gone berserk and not accomplished anything well at all. Thus I chose to let go.

I wondered, did I tell myself that there would always be moments like this? And now I am wondering, how many of such moments would I be encountering? It’s not as if I am still in my teens or 20s. Would there be any regret on my part subsequently?

I don’t want my decision to end up as just an excuse for me to recover from my stifling past. I just want to develop more of myself. And my decision should not be a reflection of any escapism.

What sort of vibes do I give to people in my social circle?
What sort of vibes do I give to others who aren’t in my social circle?
I just hope that people don’t misunderstand.

For me…I think I will recognise…when I am all smiles…


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