Favourite drink!


Can’t believe it that this drink actually is my favourite, toppling Gingerale and A&W’s Rootbeer! Fell in love 2 years ago with this, and there isn’t any substitute for it. Not even Mitsuya Cider! Considering how much of a Japanese-minded person I am. To me, drinking Chilsung Cider, eating kimchi and seaweed, feasting on BBQ meat…hmm…these are lovely moments! Oops…I am such a glutton. I guess, I really cannot go on any diet. Diet will create depression for myself. I may not be someone who’s picky with food, but I love eating…

Having said that, I still love Japanese cuisine…and I sincerely think that Japanese cuisine fits my physics very well…even the rice…! Been developing allergy towards most rice, except the Japanese rice grain. I think I just have no choice, but to allocate more money in this area. Sooner or later, I will do more revamping to my food purchases. Having more time to prepare my ingredients during the weekends will be something I am looking forward to. Especially to develop my special recipe 😄😄😄😄😄 This excites me a great deal!

I told myself, I must eat the Kobe beef again! And beef with sake/beer goes real well! But of course, I may just end up going into deep sleep 😴😴😴 Thus, unless I am very comfortable with the companions, I don’t drink at all.

And in recent years…I realize that my ancestry has mixed blood…my aunties have either Japanese or Korean looks…no wonder…! Ok, looks like I need to really make a proper decision. Improve my Japanese. Start learning Korean. Ooh…but I am not a Kpop lover…most likely I will feel real odd in the class 😒

Years passed by. Can we stop the time? While hearing nice words, will they last? I want to age elegantly, and with joy to face each day. There were several times when I almost got distracted…and of course, I reminded myself of my priorities. I don’t compromise. And that’s regardless of age. Love doesn’t stop simply because one grows old.

However, I am just so comfortable with my lifestyle that it’s difficult for me to make new adjustment. I just need aplenty of me-time. Me-time. And me-time…😐😨😵😜 Am I being greedy? 😂😂😂

I still think I am more suitable to be a nomad. But of course, in reality, it’s hard to be one. So what can I do? Travel around…there are so many different encounters…it’s uplifting and each time I learn something about myself 😨😶😎

How I wish I own a 町屋! That’s the type of house I thought I lived in when I was very much much younger…🎆🎇🌘❓


Being too kind


I don’t think I am a kind person. So when I heard that I’m being kind, I would ask myself, is that really me?

Perhaps in most aspects, I come across as one who is very rigid and go by the book. And because of these, I don’t think I am a kind person. I have my own set of expectations and my beliefs in life. Maybe my expectations are too high, maybe my beliefs are too proper…and I am not willing to conform. Because of these, I don’t think I am a kind person. I tend to shut people out when I find them not sharing similar values or unable to match my expectations. I don’t know whether I do this consciously or subconsciously. Or perhaps, in the process of concealing my obvious expressions, I roll my eyes in bewilderment…how could people not give some matters a serious thought? And oh gosh, how many mistakes must they commit in order to get it right???…

So, how kind can I be? I rather think of myself as unkind. The fact that I do roll my eyes…

Some people take your kindness for granted. I am fine if they are my loved ones. Because they are my loved ones, I love them, I don’t expect anything in return. So being kind to them is my way of loving them. However, as what I always know for myself, I do differentiate who I can be kind to. And I am sure that’s pretty obvious, people who aren’t my loved ones will get the other spectrum of kindness, if ever they tread on my toes. So, in the end, I think I need a man-made island. 😄😄😄

When I am happy, people are jealous. They want me to be sad, cry, envy etc…Oh please. I have better things to do and important people to care about. I believe in living my life to the fullest. Do the things I want not because that’s what people expect that of me. But because I sincerely love and want to do those things. I cannot imagine myself being a slave to doing daily things and chores if I don’t enjoy doing them. Thankfully, I have the time to happily do the things I like, and for those things I procrastinate, I settle my heart first before doing them…so that when I handle them, I do them with a happy self.

We are a product of our decisions. And decisions are derived from the choices we surround ourselves with. Most of the time, I make sure that my choices are positive. So that my decisions will be positive too. And with positive decisions, I am pretty sure that my mood is happy too. Of course there are times when it seemed that I can only have negative choices…and yes, those times were very tough for me. So, I usually take a step back, and spend some time to think, rethink, plan, analyse, critic, think, rethink, plan, analyse, critic, think…and it goes on and on, numerous cycles…until I have really thought about the choices and final decision till perhaps….and thousand times??? 😅😅😅 Those moments were frustrating, for I kept flipping forth and back. And I hate myself being such. But I guess, this is indeed the best for myself, for if I don’t go through this process, I can see it very evidently that my decision would be a poor decision based on lousy choices. For that, I rather not make any decision and that itself, is a decision.

It’s important to plan. When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. This is a definite. Forget about those people who encourage you with “Hey why do you need to think so deeply” or “Hey why do you need to plan so much”…if we are handling important things in life, why aren’t we using our brain cells to our fullest??? Come on, how many times in our life do we really need to make very important decisions? I am sure it wouldn’t be 1000 times. Thus there is no harm for us to use our brain cells to the fullest for the numerous major or important decisions.

I don’t know. But perhaps some people just prefer to be sadistic towards themselves. For me, I prefer to be happy…and free! Ok, I recognise that what I preferred are not what the entire world preferred. My sample size is small, and I am the only person being surveyed upon. Only I myself prefer to be happy and free. Everyone else prefer to be unhappy and be restricted in what they get to do…hmm…is that the reality?

Whatever, it’s not my problem. My happiness is just being happy. Ms Ah-Q. Doesn’t matter.