Just ranting


I really don’t understand how and why people can be so negative. These are the “Complain King/Queen”. If all else are fine, they will pick on something insignificant to say. Say for eg. The placement of the toilet pedestal. Okay, this is just an example. But oh really, must you insist on finding something negative??? I don’t understand such people. Do they feel happier in being able to find a negative thing to say and harp on? *fume* For that, I really have nothing to say to such people. *yawn*

And then, we also have another group of people who belong to “Liar, Liar, pants on fire”. Seriously, what’s wrong with saying the truth? Why should one hide the truth? And for me, if one wants to hide the truth, he/she has to be clever enough to bury the truth…don’t let anyone find out. Else, there is no point in hiding *huff* Admitting that you aren’t perfect isn’t something devastating. Or is that? Maybe I view the world with my own pair of glasses. Thus I don’t understand why people behave in such a way apart from mine. I only know that being truthful, or rather being frank, can allow myself to have a peaceful sleep. Thus I always find it silly when people say that they are afraid of spiritual things and such. Heylo, God is here. And if I am truthful to God, I don’t think I dare to/want to do things that will result in the wrath from God. So since I am truthful, of course I enjoy my sleep.

And last but not least, we have “The grass is always greener on the other side”. How many times have we encountered people who wish they were you??? I don’t understand. I am very happy being myself. And thanks but no thanks, please don’t try to be like me. And please don’t envy me. Why? Because I am not perfect. My life is not perfect. I fall short of the glory of God, and I need Jesus to help me in my life. I face struggles every now and then. But I am strong because of God. So don’t envy me. I can achieve things not by my strength alone. It’s all with the guidance of God. But well, who really understands? People just like to look at the surface, how many times do they really know constantly what’s going on in your life? Okay, my life is not pathetic. I am fine and I am enjoying myself. But that doesn’t mean that you should throw your life away, and envy my position. I am in no way the best position. But neither am I in an utterly lousy situation. I just try my best to live the life I like to have. It’s that 頑張って attitude I have. Not the competitive attitude. I just like to enjoy life, have fun, laugh, enjoy food, learn things. I don’t like to whine, and I don’t like to ask myself, why must the sun rise from the east?…Real silly. I don’t like to 庸人自扰. What’s the point of thinking about redundant things or taking on irrelevant items in life?

Maybe that’s why I think it’s good to climb the mountain and be far far away from all the 庸人. I don’t like to spend time encountering negative people. Some people may think that I have never given others a chance. Really…a chance for what? For people to try to influence me with their negative vibes? I don’t want. I have always liked positivity. Why should I allow negative ones to creep in once again?

Whatever, I just like to be my happy self. It doesn’t matter to me that I am not in the norm. Because I thoroughly enjoy being myself. Why should I conform to this world of negativity?

I still want to 頑張って for people and stuffs I am passionate about!

Enjoy…my A&W treat 🙂