A drama and a movie: Past and a Present


I am happy to get the Ost for my favourite Kdrama…the sound track I love…the fantastic cast and acting skills.

Perhaps that was a year ago or more. I tried to watch a movie, about building the house…architecture…and before I got to the part about confessions, I stopped watching it. Somehow, at that point of time, I didn’t fancy this movie. Maybe at that point of time, I only encountered the present and couldn’t relate other moments. It seems that those times were not far from my memory, and with the recent revelation, I try not to make the person feel awkward. For at the back of my mind, it’s good enough for me to know. Apart from this, I am too used to having things as according to my time. I have made it clear enough. Is there any hurry? At least not for me. I have no hurry. I am not in the rush for time.

I crave for just spending my lone time. And perhaps the more I have, the hungrier I am? I have to take heed that this does not become more of a greed. And at the same time, I have to remind myself to be sensitive to a person’s needs and wants. Not everyone is as emotion-less as me…Am I right to say that of myself?

Or perhaps, the step to take is much too big for me to handle? And I chose doing my chores over meeting up…I can only imagine how some would have said I’m being…silly…or anti-social. But well, I really cannot. When I am not prepared at all. How long must I take? Months or years? As I can’t give any promise, I rather I remain where I am.

If we have the same understanding of time, I believe…I am willing.

As always.