Oops I did it (and that’s what I’d thought so)!


An anti-bacterial handwash, and a foaming facial cleanser. Don’t they look very similar??? 😌 And yes, I did exactly that. As I closed my eyes to wash my face, I took the foam from the wrong mouthpiece…and tada! I wondered why I smelled like my hands 😆😆😆

Making mistakes. I have to say, what happened above was a sincere mistake. Why on earth would I want to smell like my hands? It must have taken a goon to behave like a goon. And yes, I was the goon in this instance. Nonetheless, I still placed both cleansers side by side. Am I terrified of this action happening again? Let me think…yes and no. Yes, because I wouldn’t fancy myself making the same mistake twice. That’s stupidity and I wouldn’t think it’s a sincere mistake thereafter. I would see myself as ➑ PLAIN STUPID DUH 😱 No, because such a mistake wouldn’t cause me anything much. At the most I end up smelling like my hands…not that it is anything smellier πŸ˜‰ and if I want, I can use my facial cleanser as my handwash to even the liquid level out 😂

εƒ§ε€šη²₯ε°‘γ€‚θΏ™ε«ηš„ζ˜―δ»€δΉˆζ„ζ€ε‘’? When one thinks only of own best interest, who wouldn’t take the opportunity to grab whatever one can? 😷 I shudder to think that such people exist in real life. Perhaps I’ve lived in a quite a sheltered environment, despite my tough front. Or perhaps I have indeed did very careful selection of the people I allow myself to mix with. I may have been silly and gambled a part away, but I definitely wouldn’t throw myself into the onsen and tell everyone that I’m enjoying a swim in the onsen. Mind you, it is a swim in this instance, not a soak or a dip. 😅

I wouldn’t mind having new hobbies every now and then. But if I keep developing new hobbies, what is my real identity? What do I identify with in my life? No doubt we are ever evolving, shouldn’t we be progressing towards stability instead of uncertainty? And not to mention that hobbies DO REQUIRE our dear 💲. Nonetheless, some people expect money to drop from the sky. Or rather, MANY people expect this to happen. I can’t believe that there are indeed people in this world who are just awaiting for this to happen. And well, though we always like to say the strawberry generation is this and that, not all their predecessors are any better.

The days are getting incredibly hotter. Or perhaps it’s just my body reacting to the surge in temperature. When days are hotter, I don’t eat much. When days are colder, I eat a ton. But well, I guess I must have been happily eating, playing and sleeping…coz I am no more petite (at least that’s why I hope to think so!) 😄😄😄




Is obsession a good thing?

Teenagers are usually obsessed with pop idols and online games. Young working adults may be obsessed with work and fun. Older working adults may be obsessed with their career and retirement ventures. Etc. We have a phase in our life. Different phase. But interesting thing to note is, the wiser plans for retirement.

What is my obsession? When I was in my teens, I tried to pretend to be obsessed with some pop idols in a bid to appear normal. At least I didn’t want to stand out like a sore thumb ~ not into guys and not into pop chasing. I was not exactly bookish, lest of a nerd. But I definitely didn’t want to smoke, drink, gamble, fight, rob etc to ruin my life. Perhaps I didn’t want to have an exciting life. Come on, some of my close friends kept changing boyfriends every now and then, and their grades for their studies dropped significantly too. I would say, that’s too exciting for me. I just want peace.

And yeah, I still enjoy peace. While I may enjoy catching up on Kdrama, I am not keen in facing real life drama now and then. At times, I’m rather confused. Am I full of energy, or am I feeling lethargic towards uninteresting events?

One thing I do know is, I am full of energy when I am traveling. I think, being out at places I love excites me. Finding historical places excites me. Reading historical stuffs excites me. Oh wow, what excitement I have in my life actually ;)😄

And yes, my current obsession: To revisit all the palaces I have been to in Seoul, and to visit the various counties in South Korea related to historical events. Excitement. I am excited. Lol…

What about Japan?

It’s the land of my love. And I shall never forget this part. And because of that, I will always return to her again. Times and times again. Japan is like a comfortable home for me. I may not like their idea of work life, but I like their politeness and kind gestures.

What about South Korea?

It’s the land of roots. While I don’t feel a real sense of belonging, I feel strangely at ease with this country. Maybe I’m used to their mannerisms, as they remain similar to the Chinese. As long as I react to them the same way I react to the Chinese, things are fine. Good enough for me to enjoy my time. So I need to make a revisit. Or rather, I just want to be there, in the palaces. Again.

Weird right?

Me too, I also think this is weird. But as far as obsession goes, I know I am hardly obsessed. And I know that I absolutely do not like Kpop. To clarify, I don’t dislike. The artistes dance well, they put in their 101%, just that I have a different taste. What’s ok with the mainstream is not my cup of tea. I’m not in the atas group either. I don’t read/watch/listen ONLY to classics.

As I think about the numerous tasks and plans, I am sure that I will have a very fulfilling time. To grow and glow. The issue is: Am I willing? I am worried that I may fall into the trap of procrastination as usual, and not wanting to do something much as I have been so exhausted for these several years. Perhaps that’s why these days I prefer to go up to the mountains and away from the cities. I look at the things and stuffs that people are chasing after. Do they really know what they want? And are they really contented with what they have had thereafter?…it’s so easy for us to fall into this trap of never-ending pursuits. And I certainly don’t want this to happen to me.

Fail to plan, plan to fail. More and more I believe deeply in this. I’m quite an impatient person, and over the years, my patience has been tested. Likewise for this year and next. While I go through this moment, I have decided on my plan. And in my heart, I do have my worries. However, my worries this round aren’t as bad as how I felt a month ago ~ tossing and turning for each plan I had. I guess this time round, the plan has been finalised, with God’s approval and in His time. And thus my sense of inner peace.

Knowing myself well, I still have other items to look into, and so I need to embark on other plans too. Do I feel fulfilled in this way? Perhaps?…I am not interested in fame and riches. I believe in contributing back to society and helping others. But yah, this will not earn me gold bars..

Some may say this is being silly. Well, for a practical person like me, I struggle between keeping to my realistic self and aligning to my dreams in life. My realistic self is super practical. Money is highly rated. Material needs are highly rated. On the contrary, my dreams in life are rather…laid back…more of attaining my inner peace and …*ahem…realising my dreams πŸ™‚

Yes…looking forward to visiting the mountains and the lovely palaces. Yeah, the two countries I have been acquainted thus far.