About Power and Control


I am glad that I have been following the fusion saguek this far. For this drama seems to inch more closer to my heart along the lines of Machiavelli. Of course, I shudder to think of those times when the royalty and politicians were in a constant mess of power struggle. And this cascaded to the commoners whose main focus was on daily survival.

It is sad to know that history exist for the very reason ~ to remind us of the nature of human. Have we evolved much over the centuries? If we were, have we achieved enlightenment? I am not trying to say that I am superb in all these. Plenty of thoughts in my mind. For we have various encounters and seen thousands. I may not be the guru, but certainly an expert in a certain way. If King Taejong eliminated his opponents just to consolidate his power, which was what happened to almost all dynasties and monarchies in historical accounts, why were people so harsh about his wrongdoings? I find this difficult to relate. Yes, his decisions were harsh, and selfish. I wondered, who wasn’t? Of power and control ~ we don’t live in a charitable world. We’ve heard of this: No one owes us a living. But we have seen many who really think they are the self-entitled few, and haven’t been improving themselves in any way, albeit being a loudspeaker (talking just for the sake of talking). I firmly believe, the more one talks, the more one reveals…of his/her real self. And by that I don’t mean that we keep our mouths shut.

I guess, that as I progress and develop, I don’t want to encounter negative people. But I do know, that people are negative towards you when they sense that you are a threat to them. And such threats need not be in the form of direct power and control. It could be just a mere reflection of themselves. That we are a threat to them because the existence of us made them feel lousy…? I hold a disdain for such people, and of course, through the years, I have to remind myself consciously, that being more ZEN about such may be a better way. I think I have been ZEN-nified…😂😂😂

I don’t crave for power. But that doesn’t mean that I deem power as unimportant. Craving for things may result in me not enjoying the process, and in fact, may result in me losing my direction. As I have millions of thoughts, and if I should act upon my craves each time, I don’t think I can cope with just a mere 24 hours in a day. I try to relate it back to the saguek I watched. And of course combined with readings of historical accounts. I think, my patience is wearing out. Nonetheless, adopting the ZEN style, I wonder whether I am able to cast away this negative vibe.

To say the truth, I appreciate a good afternoon tea at my own leisure, coupled with Japanese sweets…and I couldn’t feel more happier with the thoughts of taking hikes up the mountain…I have evolved…or perhaps my lifestyle has changed. I want to be closer to the nature and culture. My longing towards such far surpassed my cravings for power and control, if any. I ask myself, is there a need to fight tooth and nail for things I firmly believe in? I guess with the exception of religion and moral beliefs, the rest aren’t important, are they? Life is made up of other aspects, and one aspect I hope to make up the bulk of my life is: Being happy.

Thus I ask myself, will power and control make me happy? Does proving my point increase my happiness? Seriously, I think it’s actually fine to appear dumb…People are terrified when you are clever. Perhaps a great majority prefers to pretend play. I think this is such a nice term, an ‘in’ term for me these days. For I am adjusting as well. To pretend play. Makes people happy. And in doing so, I can focus on my own real stuffs to be happy…

I admire King Sejong for his generosity in sharing power with his people in both knowledge and mind. Imagine, language is a power, education is a power. But he shared language so that his people could advance in life. Wow, to me, this is great! How many people are willing to share power like that??? I think the key is: He sincerely wanted his people to advance. This very fact is a good core. Advance. Would we want to regress?

Be ZEN. 15 years ago, I didn’t like this word. For I think it’s a very new age term and people just wanted to appear hype with it. I still maintain the same thought, but it was associated only with that era. Now isn’t this word ZEN too passé for anything? And oh well, I am the last few  to catch up as always. The ZEN meaning is something I would hope to discover and experience. I didn’t want it to be a hype for myself back then. Even if it is about 15 years late, I have no qualms going through it…because I didn’t want to lose myself back then.

Control…the last thing I am is a control freak. No. I don’t like to control. Neither do I like to manipulate. However, I like to ask thinking questions. Perhaps in doing so, I may be deemed as manipulative or a control-freak. For I am too direct in asking questions. But anyway, I am too tired to even be asking questions…for when I ask, I am thinking…when I am thinking, I appear scary?…😐 It is not as if I don’t know how to manipulate or control. It is a matter of my choice. And since I am ZEN-nified these days, I don’t see why I should enlist my skills set here.

I want to see sunrise from the mountains🌄…I long for the nature ~ the sounds of the chirping birds, the calls of the insects, the rustling of the tree branches, the breeze that caress my face. I long to see the vastness of land in front of me, soothing for my eyes and peaceful for my soul. 🗻

At the end of the day, I just want to be simple…and happy. I think my choice is quite clear. I don’t chase after gold. I prefer the rainbow ~ God’s promises 🌈


Last year’s Disney


Bought this set last year in June at Disney Resort. Was so glad to catch their Easter theme even though that was already in June! And equally glad that I also managed to catch their 七巧节 theme as well…I made sure that the change of theme occurred during the days we were there in Disney for both the resorts. Oh yes, I was trying to have the best of both worlds. Why not? It is not as if I am there every day. And I know I will eventually outgrow my Disney crave…been to 3 countries of Disney, why would I forget their rides??? And I have no intention of going to HK’s Disney…

Delayed gratification. I realised I can either put off my purchase till many year later (if ever I still remember it), or place my purchase away in some corner till months later (or even years!). When I was younger, I would want to use it immediately. Now? I take my own sweet time. Yes. Slowly. Why should I rush? For each decision I make, for each purchase I make, I don’t make haste decisions. Buyer’s regret is a terribly lousy feeling. I don’t want to be put in a corner of having no choice but to buy it since that’s the only so-called item around. If I have no use for this item, I try not to add on to my personal space. I want to really like the things I have. So far, my favourite items are from Japan. Only 1 buyer’s regret, because I think that company is just producing some low quality products. I couldn’t even get it to function properly despite reading their manual. No problems with other goods though. So you see, that company is wasting my money. But well, and so I threw it away after chucking it at home for several months. I dislike companies that are dishonest in their product description. Why should they do this? Pretend to have fantastic product so that they can cheat the customers? *fume*

What’s the problem with such companies being more upfront with their products? If the product can do A, jolly well make sure that it can be done. Ok just my lament, most of my encounters with my Japanese items ~> No lament. Other countries’ products ~> depends on Grades…we all know right? The AAA Grade, AA, A, B, ….C? 😱

I value honesty. But not everyone values that. Some get angry when you say the truth. I don’t understand why. Is it wrong of me to say the truth? But well, this is just me.

I am still a diehard fan of the 6.飞 dragons. 🙂 Yup, I love to watch the entire cast, good and bad ones. I think all of them acted very well. OK maybe I am biased. I always feel affiliation to the Joseon period. And moreover this story is about King Sejong’s grandfather and his father…oh 😘😘😘 King Taejong…however ruthless he was, he did what was necessary at those moments. Isn’t this world about the fittest survive? So why should people be condemning King Taejong? Just because King Taejong was being extremely realistic.

I am indeed swooned over by this best drama I have watched thus far 💖💖💖💖💖