Healthier choice


It’s all about choices. And the decisions you make. I can’t dictate and predict, but I can only recommend and encourage.

Many people smoke despite knowing how detriment it is for health. Many people indulge in gambling despite knowing that a family can be broken just because of money. Many people speed like a rocket despite knowing that our roads are not all F1-compatible.


People love excitement. Don’t you?

Most people will think, hey everyone is smoking, people don’t stop living because they smoke…hey everyone is buying TOTO and going MBS RWS, nothing bad happens…hey it’s others who are driving slowly and are road hazards, I am just shining my lights…

Oh well. Yes indeed, it is your life, not my life. My excitement is not your kind of excitement.

So what am I excited about?

Many things. Mountain trekking. Skiing. Snowboarding. Various encounters. There are loads of things on my list. Yeah, I think I am easily excited. Lol. Or rather, I am thrilled. Because I feel as if I am back to where I belong, how I should belong.

I don’t have things easy. I work hard for them. I believe that I only treasure those things I have achieved based on my efforts. Of course, I don’t mind things being given to me, but I know myself very well, I don’t cherish things that are too easy for me. People included.

Why, people? I think it’s hard for me to respect a person if I don’t learn anything from the person. And learning can take the form of anything, eg. Values, beliefs, habits etc. So now I ask myself, do I respect a person who leeches on others?…and do I respect a person who allows himself/herself to be leeched upon?…hmm…tough questions to tackle, but I enjoy asking myself these.

The former has skills and schemes. The latter is just plain stupid. So for this, I think I respect the one with skills. Why would I respect stupidity? lol

Some people just don’t get it. What kind of friends have they been hanging out with? I am appalled. And somehow I feel sad for such people. They don’t have real friends. Real friends will ask you thinking questions…oops, I stand corrected. Maybe those are real friends who don’t know what to think…and thus no thinking questions to ask…Distracted thoughts. Ok, jokes aside, real friends will care about your well-being and your condition. They don’t just let you sink into major mistakes with no return. I would think that if I have such friends who aren’t real, I’m better off with no friends. What’s the point of hanging out just for the sake of hanging out?…to make more noise? To compete who has more friends?…ah…that word “competition”. Ignorant people always like to compete. Do they truly believe they can win the world? 赢了世界输了你又如何? ~ that’s me being random, a song by Ukulele from Dinosaur Years ago…

I am still as loyal as ever. Still on 6. 飞. Dragons. 🙂 After all these months. I love this drama very much. Intellectuals excite me. Oh hahaha 😄😄😄 and I am not joking. I don’t fancy talking to no-brainers. It is exasperating. For I would prefer to talk to the wall.

Healthier choices I must have. Rightful decisions I must make. For each step creates another step, and the path that is taken is long and winding. I look forward to lighter days, memorable moments, terrific encounters. Why would I want to dwell on meaningless stuffs that aren’t doing any good for my future?

Don’t we all grow and glow? Or am I seeing minions???

Just not my cup of tea. I love greens…and that signifies 草原 山顶 绿茶…我才不喜欢庸人自扰. I doubt people really understand this phrase.