Old Habits Die Hard


I have been faithfully using my uKimono these few days. Maybe I am scared…due to the binge eating of moon cakes during the Midautumn Festival this year. Can you imagine – I actually put on an extra 2 kg due to the moon cakes? 😱 Not to mention the unhealthy stuffs of salted egg yolks that went to my body. High cholesterol…and for a period of time, my health suffered much due to this high intake.

The same thing happened a few years ago. I bought aplenty of moon cakes. Really, what’s the love story I have with moon cakes? 😯 I just love moon cakes without hesitation. Well, I need to restrain myself from piling up on these cakes. I can’t conquer the whole world of moon cakes, can I? Gotta be realistic…😂😂😂

6. Flying. 龙.
Oh my…current hottest favourite sageuk. I am simply hooked! Maybe because this drama depicts partial historical accounts of the family of the King Sejong (I admire him greatly!). While King Sejong is not a part of this drama, his father King Taejong is the core of this drama. Not a particularly good character. In fact, King Taejong is ruthless…to many. But well, what is good? What is evil? Must we do good in order not to be evil? Aren’t evil people being seen as good, more often than not? Being good embraces evil, acknowledges that evil remains. So it this good? And thus, it’s not about being good or evil. It’s being just. Chase for justice…get rid of evil…and this doesn’t mean you are good in the eyes of people.

So the ultimate question: Do we have to be good in order to be seen as good?

Having such Machiavellian thoughts. I am one. So I don’t care whether I am not being seen as good. In fact, I am fine if one wants to see or label me as bad. It truly doesn’t matter. Why? Because I subscribe to my true conscience. And such a conscience doesn’t require validation from anyone.

Back to the sageuk. Tremendous. I have always loved the Koreans dramatisation of their historical dynasties. It’s a bond I feel stronger than being labelled a Chinese of this period. I don’t know…just like how I really admire their King Sejong. Well, I want to make a trip to South Korea again…just for historical trip. I am only interested in their historical aspects.

For now, amongst my buzzing busy times, I am hooked on the dragons. Maybe I should watch Sungkyunkwan Scandal again. Yea, I know that drama is a few years old now. But I should watch that again, shouldn’t I? 😄

Ask myself, what I like…hmm…💖
Hear my heart, and I will follow you 🍀


Kdrama with fantastic plot and romantic song

I think I watched this drama earlier this year. Love this drama. It wasn’t that romantic, but yet the theme captured my heart. The fact that the little boy felt so much for his playmate, the guilt he bore towards her — thinking that he has caused her death, the chance encounter he had as an adult when he happened to meet her at the cruise party, that moment while holding her hand, which he told her…to remember this time: “January 7, 2015, 10 pm. The time when I fell for you.”

I think I almost died when I watched this scene.

Why? This is just so intensely ROMANTIC!



Granted the fact that I’m not exactly an outwardly romantic person. Granted the fact that I tend to appear cold and perhaps fierce…that I guess, it’s hard for anyone to imagine that I have a romantic side to myself. And yes, if I can just live on romance alone, I will really do it. But then, I’ve to be realistic. Life is real. Oh well…

This video is a good recap of the good and crazy scenes of the drama. That moment 0:45-0:56. As if that time really stood still…and hahaha, I do like this style, the bad boy style, when I was younger.

This is also my favourite song, in Kdrama land. I can play it over and over again. Just put on repeat mode. Until I can memorise the lyrics and can sing it aloud hahaha…just like the other Japanese song I love…also a feat. I like songs that include some forms of rap. ❤

A fragrance I am loving so much now


Have I posted this up before? Hmm…memory is failing, can’t seem to recall. But anyway, this is my favourite scent at this current moment of the year. In a way, I think this scent overtook my love for Wisteria…perhaps? Don’t know. How can I be sure? Maybe, this scent is new to me, thus I like it? Or maybe, perhaps, I’ve grown too accustomed to Wisteria, and thus I start to look around for something different? I don’t know.

I have always loved Wisteria. When I first found this scent, I was totally excited…and in love! The scent was pure, natural and sweet. Over the years, the company made revisions to the scent. And the revised edition seemed to be ‘off’ in a way. While it still smells nice, it’s just somewhat not the same, anymore…but it’s a choice for me. Either I keep using this scent, or I look for something new.

And so I kept an active lookout for new scents. And so I stumbled upon Florentyna. I fell for her petals! Lovely…soap petals! And what a sweet fragrance!…I looked at the perfume, the price was rather high, though not as high as compared to the rest of those so-called prestigious branded fragrance. Seemingly cheaper when compared, I am still very unwilling to part with my money to purchase it. Why? A fragrance is something I put on myself. And if I purchase it, only to realise I don’t really like it after all, isn’t that a waste of money???…and I don’t throw away fragrance 😕

Aiyoyo…right now, some people may just tell me, come on, it’s just a fragrance, a perfume, a scent…why do you have to crack your head over it???!!! To say the truth, I wish that I don’t crack my head over such things too. I wish that I don’t think too much, just go according to my whims and fancies, just react according to my feelings, just enjoy the moment…. (and have buyer’s regret later?)

Yea, I wish. How I wish that I don’t think so much. Too much considerations. And because I take such a super long time, perhaps by the time I am convinced of getting the perfume, it is no longer on the shelf…LOL

But, if this happens, will I be bothered? Even if I don’t get Florentyna, I am very sure that over the years, or over in some other land, I will surely find some fragrance that I like. Right?…Well, it’s not about finding it eventually. It’s more of, do I really need to have this fragrance now? That’s what my mind is telling me now. Oh well…

Maybe…maybe I will just succumb to getting it. After all, it’s not so expensive right? After all, I may be using it…after all, if I don’t like it, I can just trash it away, right?

Actually, after all, if I have to think so much, that means I don’t really want Florentyna after all. How do I know? Because when I first encountered Wisteria, I just knew…that Wisteria is the scent for me. And voila! Up till now, I still have the original scent of Wisteria, which I bought and refused to use…because I know I won’t be able to find another Wisteria…

I know this is amusing. They are just fragrances.

Yes, I know.

But be it whether it is a fragrance or a phone, this is something that I use money to purchase…and a purchase is a commitment. I don’t like to order a plate of Char Kway Teow, only to realise that I prefer to eat Hor Fun…

I woke up with a dream in the evening. Sigh. God must be telling me, don’t be evil. Yea, after all, how happy would I be if people aren’t happy at all? I am very thankful, that my friends have always given me their listening ear, and always share with me their frank thoughts. I am blessed to have friends who care much about my well-being, and we are happy to see one another happy.

For some periods, I told myself, not to say my frank thoughts, since people won’t appreciate anyway. Why waste my time sharing my thoughts with people who doubt my intentions in life? I don’t understand why there are some people who don’t think you will care enough…to share with them your well-intended thoughts. I mean, do I behave like a crook? Do I sound like a crook? Do you think I really have an evil heart?

If only…people listen. I don’t want obedience. I just need you to think. And I don’t condemn people who don’t know how to think. They just need guidance…just the right people who care enough to give them the guidance. Sometimes, I wonder…whether people choose not to listen, because they don’t believe that there are indeed good people who care enough, for them.

Well…let’s hope that I am just being wrong about it. But if I am wrong about this, why does God give me this dream? He would have just continued to let me be…evil…
Why stir me to care?…

The coldness is breaking
Strong as an iron
You stood in the darkness
Come, closer to the firelight
You will feel the warmth

Funny Figurines: Exactly what we saw outside the Museum


Can’t help being amused by these figurines. They are exactly the same as what we can see outside the museum. Wow, fantastic replica 😄

Somehow, such a simple thing cheers me up. So cute, aren’t they? I really love going to the museums…they are just like my home…in fantasy 😄

I am very glad and thankful, that for all these years, I have been able to visit many museums across the various countries/cities I’ve been to: Paris, London, Beijing, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and South Korea. I hope to visit USA for their museums too. But the only thing that deters me is the long hours of flight…although I can transit at Narita…well, shall see how first. Because I’m still very interested in the Scandinavian countries. Gotta relive memories of the books I’ve read in my younger days. I will be thrilled to see the sights…mountains, skies, clouds, cool air. People may see that, hey, you can see these sights pretty much anyway on earth, there isn’t a need to travel to those places…But well, yes, you can see these even here locally…the difference is the vastness of it. I dislike cluttered high rise buildings. They disturb the peaceful sceneries. And I don’t like to be a frog in the well. Some people don’t mind being one, that’s their life and the way they are being raised. In my life, I like to have the power to decide what I want to see and surround myself with. I always know, that people only dissuade you when they realise that they can’t attain the same as you. And they will pour you with all the negative persuasive thoughts. Hmmm…for me, I will always encourage. Go, go ahead. Go and try it out. This is fantastic. Good learning. Good experience.

Bear in mind that I will always encourage and I will always allow one to make decision (as long as it doesn’t affect my life). Why? Because…at the end of the day, I’m happy with my decision, so I think that everyone should be happy with their decisions too, right?

Everyone can see that I’ve been so different since ages. And in fact, yes, I am thankful, that with God’s help, things are going the way I’ve envisioned. Perhaps in the process, I may have turned greedy, and that’s when God put me back into place…by giving a twist to my plans. Hahaha…ok, yes I know. God’s way 😄 I can’t go against. 😄

Having said that, it’s not as if I am without struggles. Come on, I am not a saint. Don’t expect me to be an angel. I won’t pretend to be one, either. I am just glad that, after all these times, I will get to pursue my lifestyle soon enough. And yes, such thoughts make me very happy :):):)

Because I have my plans. (And of course, I commit them to God)
Because I know that each day I am a step closer to seeing what I have envisioned.
Because I strive for staying onto the paths of my visions.
My endurance is high…extremely high.
Just to get what I want and have planned.
Thankfully, I have God to guide me.
Or else, I would have pretended and cheated. 😄😄😄

A bull’s endurance is high. Thirst for material possessions is high too. And yes, we can put away emotional feelings, just to get what we want. That’s what my friend sees in me. Being frank to me, and having seen how I fell and stand up in the process. Sometimes I can be very obstinate. But I try to mellow it down with thoughts of my vision…LOL…at the end of the day, who doesn’t want to enjoy life? It’s ok and perfectly fine to just endure for a while…what are those few years compared to my entire life time?

Not bad, since I am indeed liking and enjoying what I have been encountering. The only thing I don’t like is, when people start to hit on me. I don’t know whether it’s the aloofness I have, or what…maybe I don’t care enough for feelings of such…hmm. But anyway, if I am just being seen as ‘pretty, Japanese or Korean’, I don’t think I enjoy such attention. And the worse, is when kpop are so hype in town, and thus random people think I am from Korea??? :?:evil: sigh…sigh…sigh…

The clouds moved
I am still at the same point
Raised my hand to the sky
Blue skies
Thank you for clearing the clouds
and letting me see sunshine

Still Procrastinating


I think this is my greatest weakness. Procrastination.

So many things I love to do. Yet I am taking my super long sweet time. Perhaps I am actually a very zen-kind of person, too cool for matters in life. I like to take things slowly, always dislike to be in a rush. I think I am slower than a tortoise. Super slow.

As always, I tend to be quite dumb. Or perhaps, I choose to ignore some unnecessary vibes. I don’t welcome distractions, to me, distractions don’t allow me to put in my best. They place my energies elsewhere, usually in least productive and effective areas.

I have a list of things to do. But basically, I can’t do some of them now due to my other commitments. I am a very committed person — even when the going gets tough, if I believe in my vision, I still pull myself through. That’s is irrespective of how I really feel. Just because of a vision I want, I will just go through the motions of attaining it.

However, I also realised that there are priorities given to my various visions. And thus, I set different priorities. Items low on the list, I most likely will just attain them in future. Items high on the list, I usually hope that these will sustain me throughout. Being too realistic, and as what some may see as materialistic, I don’t mind just forfeiting my real wants for those moments. Such moments may amount to a long period of time.

Having said that, I know that I just like to smell fresh air, see the flowers, and be with lovely people. And yes, I am thankful to know good hearted people, many many times…I have nothing to offer, and I appreciate the thoughts.

Under the star lights…
The twinkle of an eye
Lights up my life
Sending flutters to my heart
…smile 🙂