Wisteria Oh My Love


How much I love Wisteria! The old wisteria line from Crabtree & Evelyn. Unfortunately I don’t like their latest concoction of this fragrance…and thus I have been keeping this older one. Do fragrance have any expiry date? 😨

So many things have happened. Somehow, August is a tiring month. I am just so bummed as for now. Perhaps the anxiety is there…and yet I feel a sense of lethargy at some point. I have things to say. But I believe that for some, it’s better that I keep my mouth shut about it. Really, what’s the point of saying so much? Not everyone appreciates you for pointing it out. And yes, some people think it is OK to be rude. Hmmm…basically I don’t even want to acquaint myself with such.

Been reading about the Bangkok Bomb Incident…that’s a very touristy spot…and why are there people of such hearts??? I remember this Chinese saying 一种米养百种人. Very true…not everyone has good heart and not everyone thinks that being nice is a virtue. Or in fact, not everyone thinks it is important to have a virtue. Don’t understand the mindset of people who bear evilness in their hearts. Are they happy people? Or is it that people don’t even want to be happy anymore?

I am thankful to be with, and have known happy people. People who sincerely want to be happy, and strive towards being happy. Life is hard. Who says life is a bed of roses? And we still have to go through daily routines…how much excitement can we have? Time is limited, so don’t we make do with whatever precious moments we have with one another and be happy with ones another? … ok I know, that’s being simple-minded. Simpleton?…but I believe this is better than trying to outdo everyone you meet in your life, only to find that life is just so tiring…full of competitions…? Who gets the trophy?

Does that really matter? Let’s ask ourselves, are you happy? Did you stand up for yourself to let your voice be heard? Did you do your very best for the situation you have encountered?

We see people who place blames onto others…and I wonder where is their sense of responsibility? We see people outsourcing everything, not just food, but also kids and elderly folks. And I wonder where is that kinship and deep feelings?

I love to spend time with my loved ones. As always. As much as I crave for me-time, I try my very best to make sure I allocate personal time for people I care about. What are words when I can just type them out with 8-characters? Or simply just 3-characters with emoticons? Seriously, I don’t believe in words. I believe only in actions. Please don’t tell me you love me when you can’t be bothered to even spend a minute to ask me about my latest commitments. Hmmm…words are easy. But I don’t want to just hear the nice things in life…I want to experience the nice thoughtful and sensible gestures, stemmed from someone who supposedly loves me.

I am thinking about thinking, about feelings, about sensibilities, about responsibilities, about hopes, dreams and future…and aha…I know, people will just say I think too much…and that’s too scary.

I don’t mean to scare you. But if one is easily scared, I am surprised to know how intimidating I can be…hmm…but well, my random thoughts are such, take them or leave me alone.

Was mentioning to a friend that how hard the choice was to drink mineral water instead of alcoholic beverages when both are of similar pricing…😅 And I am happy to know that I have developed a much greater tolerance towards my favourite alcoholic beverage. But well no, please do not drink and drive. Please stay safe. And be safe.


Hmmm…Eye Candy


I am not into Kdrama. Only managed to catch some periodically based on recommendations from my good friend. However, there is one show which I will never forget (at least for now 😄) and which I have loved so much. I mean, Kim Soo Hyun is ultimately so gorgeous looking in this drama. Oops, not just this drama. But I have already been watching his other dramas way before this. And I thought he acted well indeed.

One thing I know is, I don’t like guys who are tanned. Call me strange, and a stranger with this. I don’t mean it’s about the color. I just like the 白里透红的脸庞. Having said this, I also don’t like guys who are too fair…as pale as a sheet of paper…I faint. 我是不是很挑? 👀

Came across a thread based on a recent saga. In fact such threads seem to be getting pretty much common these days. 顿时勾起回忆. And I know, it’s not 伤心的回忆. All I know is, there will still be new victims…and it’s more of like a psychological issue. Perhaps I am really too logical and rational. I simply cannot understand how people remain rooted in their emotional turmoil. Don’t they snap out of it and regain their composure? Don’t they learn from situations and move forward without making similar mistakes?

眼光短浅的人…why would they care so much about the world around them, so long as they are enjoying themselves? I don’t think happiness is that simple for them after all…because this is like an addiction…and you just can’t get enough of it.

I feel sad for the party. I can’t explain more in words as I know so much more about the other person’s state of mind. At times I feel as if I am watching an auto-run of the game of chess…and each move is just so predictable…to me.

And because I have been right…I am just so worried that I am indeed very right about it. Seriously, I wouldn’t be in great joy if the person is in pain. I know my friends will tell me that I am really just being too kind. Still…I don’t think that kindness is the issue here. If you see someone making an obvious mistake, will you just stand there and look, or will you interfere to point it out?

Perhaps…if I am close to this person, I will point it out. But I also know, that some people won’t appreciate this and they rather you let them make the mistake instead…Thus, I have been wary when it comes to dealing with mistakes. Unless it affects my life, most of the time I will just keep mum these days. So…I end up…standing there…and looking. Of course, I have yet to reconcile myself to such a decision. I don’t know how to ignore…but time and time again…I have to remind myself…just keep quiet…people are happier this way. OK…if that’s what pleases them after all.

I would love to start on my poetry again…gosh… I need to take a stroll…I need to be out in the nature. Indeed, skyscrapers in the city make me mad. I scream for space and nature settings around me. I am a bull 🐂 🙂 🌳 🍃

A song I keep hearing in a span of 3 days?


Amazing. I keep hearing this song, and within a span of 3 days. James Blunt. You’re beautiful.

I’ve never really paid attention to the lyrics. Until a few days ago. And I was stunned. And I heard it again today. This early afternoon.

Each time I hear it, a feeling of sadness enters into my heart. Just like how I feel, when it rains here, and I’m being reminded of a land far away. I can’t help feeling sad. And I am not sure of the reason for it. Why am I feeling like this?

I know very clearly, that I have missed my youth. The precious youthful times that I would have chosen to venture to the land I love. Am I in sadness because of this? And because I know, I left a big part of my heart there…?

Perhaps that explains why I have no interest in many things over here. There isn’t any motivation. Nothing interests me. I look for stimulants.

Rain…the drizzle…is akin to my tears…
The feeling of longing
And I wonder why

I wonder, will I be able to recognise when the time comes? Will I be at a loss, or will I be elated? It’s not an easy path for me. And I have put forth my patience…how can I imagine myself being a patient person? I get frustrated, distracted and discouraged. Many times. I don’t want to keep coming up with excuses. For who?

I want sunny and bright days. The rain is making me so much more emo than ever. And all these while, I am very clear, what I have been missing.