This trip to South Korea was another episode of historical journey. I love going to the museums. Museum after museum. Am I nuts?

It could be quite a mundane task, given the fact that I haven’t been interested in Korea’s history for years. The last I remembered reading up on Korea’s empire was when I was in primary four, thrilled with the history books handed down to me from my cousins. Vaguely remembered about the Goryeo’s dynasty. But the king that gained my admiration was King Sejong. And this time I wanted to learn more about this great king of Korea from the Joseon dynasty.

I’m thrilled to explore about history and culture. And I really think highly of Koreans for not demolishing their historical architectures. No way should one country destroy her history. We should preserve as much as we could. If we destroy our past, we would never appreciate the present. The past may have been gone, but memories ought to be preserved. How does one preserve the memories?

Before camera was being invented, people left behind drawings and their daily items to be handed down to their offsprings. Now, with technological advances, people are preserving such memories with photographs via Facebook, instagram etc. What do you preserve?

I wish to see more of the ancient artefacts around me. Be it architecture, paintings, machines, writings…I think that memories are precious. For memories exist in time, and how we spend our time determine our memories…to me, time is very precious. So I cherish my memories lots, because I want to spend time with my loved ones as much as possible. As often as possible.

Once we miss the time, we would never have it back anymore. So to greet this new year of 2015, let us hope that we have created good times and memories in 2014 and to continue creating precious memories for 2015 with our loved ones. Time…she waits for no one. Hence, I certainly hope not to let time slip by me without spending time with people I love.

Thank you 2014 for my learning journey and may 2015 be a good year of discovery and renewal of strength and commitment for me 😊💁👯👱💖

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It can be such a pain

I don’t need everyone or anyone to agree with me. But I can say, I am very blessed indeed with good people around me. People who are on similar wavelengths, people who value similar beliefs, people who do not behave as if this world owes them a living.

I think when we really don’t have anything much nice to say, we can just shut up. Or we can just choose to say some fluffy stuffs just to make everyone feel better. Would I? If I am not even entitled to share my views, I shall proceed to think I don’t have much to share then. What’s the point of wasting my time if people think that I’m just having the best of my world, without stopping for a while to even understand me? I have many acquaintances as well, and some acquaintances proceeded to be my good friends. Because we choose to understand and try to be there for each other. There are some I really have to let go. Either I am an eyesore to such a person, without us realising it in either way, or there is really some deeper problems unknown to me.

What am I saying?

I am tired.

I do not like to be with negative people. Hearing the negatives is akin to taking poison. Romeo and Juliet version? Silly. I am very rooted and perhaps the people whom I hold closely to my heart are of similar background too. Yes we may have our mundane lifestyle. But we hold and identify with our key responsibilities. We don’t just take off and go, without thinking about the feelings of others. Sensitive versus oversensitive?

I appreciate people who think about the welfare of people around them. This is definitely not a I, Me, Myself society. Maybe it is the society that you like. But it’s definitely not mine. If I keep building my own thoughts without proper scaffolding, one day I might end up being bitter towards people around me. So why should I allow myself to be that? And if I don’t want myself to fall into such a situation, shouldn’t I be more proactive about it?

I agree that we take one step at a time. Chill, have fun, laugh. But really? Ask yourself, meditate, be in silence, whatever, will you be truly happy for me and be concerned for me? Most often than not, it’s such a one-sided view.

Whatever it is, I don’t fancy the idea of wasting energy with bitter-filled people.

A nice Frozen Christmas Tree@Kallang Wave Mall.
Merry Christmas soon ⛄🎄🎁

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