Time: Will things be as accordingly?

I like to listen to Cyndi Lauper’s ‘Time after Time’. Very nice music and forlorn voice for that…and I remembered this song in one of Gywneth Paltrow’s movie. But unfortunately that movie of hers was filmed during her low moments of life. Nevertheless, I still find her very classy, and love to watch her movies. I still remember the movie ‘Sliding Doors’. It’s just so fascinating. Currently, I’m also fascinated with its like: Time Travels…šŸ•‘šŸ•–šŸ•™

It’s not that I want to return to the past. I believe in looking forward. Nothing stops. It’s only the fact that I realise I could have and should have done more…however, realisation doesn’t mean that the heart is willing. We may say a lot of things, but our heart may tell us otherwise. I mean, we all know how awful it feels when we pay compliments to people we don’t like, don’t we? Likewise, we may be doing something, but that doesn’t mean we enjoy the process thoroughly. Even if we don’t enjoy the process, it also doesn’t mean that we do not like the outcome. šŸ˜³ LOL I am not confused, though this sounds strangely confusing.

I am always alert when my heart stirs. Because I depend too much on my head. Be still, that’s what I need, to listen intently. However, at the end of the day, I still have this fear…I may be stupid after all. Come on, why should I be so insistent? Why should I stick to my beliefs? Isn’t it easier to flip around at times, whine at times, pretend at times?… Does that mean I have E.Q. if I do these? šŸ˜”

It’s hard to understand. Do I have any agenda? If I have, I wouldn’t have such low E.Q. If I don’t have any agenda, I wouldn’t have such high E.Q. Blah…. So in conclusion, only those with agenda will see others through their microscopic lenses. Hmm…food for thought? I have been having my meals at my new haunt lately šŸ˜ŠšŸ˜ŠšŸ˜Š and that makes me exhilarated!

Thank God!…I found my favourite cardigan back in my wardrobe! ā˜ŗļøā˜ŗļøā˜ŗļø I had initially been whining and grieving for the past two months about the disappearance of my cardigan. I couldn’t fathom how I lost it. Searched high and low everywhere, ended up speculating that I had most likely dropped it along the way…and I couldn’t accept it, because that’s really unlike ME! šŸ˜  and of course since I haven’t been seeing it for two months, I really scolded myself for being such a scatterbrainer. How could I do such thing???? How could I just drop my cardigan along the way???? Where is my sense of responsibility???? I have to be responsible for myself, for my actions, my decisions, …… Okok, blah blah blah…..that’s too many, I couldn’t take it, I am burdened with too many responsibilities. Up till the fact that my crowning glory is denoted by the whiteness of the snow ā„ļøā›„ļøšŸ‘€

Actually, it’s only very recently that I realise further of the consequences of my action and decision. Perhaps it’s better that I don’t think too much, and instead, just be a fluff šŸ’‹šŸ’­

åŠŖ力čæ‡č‡Ŗå·±ęƒ³čæ‡ēš„ē”Ÿę“» šŸ˜ŠšŸŒˆā„ļøā˜€ļøā›„ļøā­ļøšŸŒ»šŸ’šŸ°šŸµšŸ˜Š


A friend shared this…


Money isn’t everything. But we can’t survive without money either. I don’t want to build fairy tales, neither do I want to be having a mundane lifestyle. My passion I have discovered. Finally. But will I be moving forward with my passion? I will definitely give it a try, anyway, I have the genes from my grandfather.

ā˜ŗļøā˜ŗļøā˜ŗļø Feeling happy, yet I have to be patient as well. Sometimes I do worry too much, because I have millions of thoughts going around in my mind at the same time. Hence, putting them down in words and proper plans help me to sieve out the nonsensical ones. If I can be so patient in the past, why can’t I be patient for the second time? It’s not too far away……Sā˜ŗļøšŸ˜ŠN……

åŠŖ力čæ‡č‡Ŗå·±ęƒ³čæ‡ēš„ē”Ÿę“» šŸ˜ŠšŸŒˆā„ļøā˜€ļøā›„ļøā­ļøšŸŒ»šŸ’šŸ°šŸµšŸ˜Š

An Interesting Read


I don’t understand why people give up on themselves. Could it be they don’t want to face the truth about themselves, the weak aspects of their personalities? Could it be a face-value thing that they are more concerned with? Why do people evade the truth, and why do people replace the truth with an aim in order not to lose out?

The more we are afraid of losing, the more we shall lose. Shall we try to place everything and everyone at a distance and not be so badly hurt? How does one feel upon realisation that he/she has been taken for a ride? Do we place the blame onto others and not see that we all have a part to play in the act?

Is being truthful such a difficult thing for people? Does reacting negatively help to uplift one’s life? Does wallowing in self-pity change a situation?

While I advocate logical reasoning, I am not one who just make decisions without a heart. While IQ is important, EQ is equally so as well. But EQ can be used in a selfish way, and that becomes exploitation. So the purest in its simplest form stems from the heart.

We should go for a lone time with God. Seek Him and seek peace. Clear away the flickering lights and bustling noises. Raise our ears and listen intently. Be very still……the heart speaks with God.

I am not a fanatic. Just thinking about thinking. Our thoughts affect our heart and vice versa. Never-ending process.

Flattered to hear that I am just a 25YO lady. Hmmm…where was I when I was just 25?…? That seems indeed a very long time ago…but anyway, does age make any difference in our lives? Physically YES. We have the young ones who want to grow up fast, and the older ones who hope to age gracefully…ageing is a process. I can’t expect myself to have the mindset of a 25YO now, but I know I am a happier self. Happy ~~> Happier = SELF

I admit that hearing nice remarks do help me in being happier…well, cheap thrills…ah…the joys. And I do like that these are usually nice surprises every now and then…the only issue I have is I like my time and I don’t like to share.

I am like a broken recorder. Keeps wanting my time, harping on the issue of time. Maybe it’s about my heart and interest. Listing things out to clear my mind. Maybe I just prefer to leave my heart and mind clear. Clear of negative thoughts, negative moods, negative future. Am I being too negative?

If I am positive, and the problem is most people are negative, so in the end it makes me negative, which I don’t want. If I am negative, while most people are positive, in the end we will end up as negative…If I am negative and most people are negative…hmmm…does this mean we’ll be positive in the end?…but I’m not those emo-emo people…hARD.

I think therefore I am. I find it difficult to cave In to what most people may find it to be a better/easier bet. How do I convince myself when time is what I love and need????

To many people, I am sure that they must have viewed my mindsets as ridiculous. Why not take the easier way in life? Just flow, not think.

What I want to do is FEEL. Feel for it. Feel for what I want. I do not like to be forced or pressurised into accepting what I do not feel for. To me, desire is as important as time.

åŠŖ力čæ‡č‡Ŗå·±ęƒ³čæ‡ēš„ē”Ÿę“» šŸ˜ŠšŸŒˆā„ļøā˜€ļøā›„ļøā­ļøšŸŒ»šŸ’šŸ°šŸµšŸ˜Š


Some things can be clear, either black or white, true or false, yes or no, can or cannot, like or dislike…yet some things tend to be in the grey area…

I face the dilemma with time. Whilst I understand this saying ‘å…ˆč‹¦åŽē”œ’, it’s actually very difficult to stay in focus when one is handling the situation. Nonetheless, I know I will most likely miss these times the most…despite them being the toughest of all.

Am I a very å¹²č„†åˆ©č½ type of person? Weighing pros and cons, seeing the big picture, proceeding ahead with plans? Have I spared some thoughts for others?…but of course, I do know, at the end of the day, it’s me I have to overcome. I want my time too much…too much. And somehow, I get greedier, I just keep wanting more time…šŸ˜³

So much so that I do not want any noise…during my resting periods. Health is important, and we should strive to have a balanced lifestyle. Spending time with our loved ones is important, and we should allocate time to bond and communicate with them. I don’t think I will ever be those materially rich people…I never seem to have the interest, though I know my personality portfolio denotes that I should most likely excel in this area. Well…remember the 3 ‘wise-men’ I went to see in Year 2009?…While deep in my heart I knew what they said were most likely right…I didn’t want to live my life as according to those words.

We no longer have Borders in our country. Do I miss the place?…somehow. Do I remember the place?…I won’t forget, at least up till now at this point. I still love going to Kinokuniya, Times, Popular…and the library. But even so, Kino is going to shift from its present location to a floor up. Well, nothing stay still and remain, isn’t it so?

Look at the stars. They are several thousands light years away from us. I think, stars are so beautiful from afar…they shine and sparkle, trying to get our attention. I love looking up at the skies in the darker places. Sad that urbanisation has led to lesser places for stargazing. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why I don’t like metropolitan cities. I love the suburban areas…away from noise, away from flashy lights, away from distractions. That’s where you hear your own voice, and you hear God. In a way, it can be scary. Because there may be things we don’t want to do, but you hear God telling you…and thereafter we just push it away…

I don’t know. But when I went to Popular today, I felt happy to be in a place surrounded with books…not clothes not cosmetics not food…

åŠŖ力čæ‡č‡Ŗå·±ęƒ³čæ‡ēš„ē”Ÿę“» šŸ˜ŠšŸŒˆā„ļøā˜€ļøā›„ļøā­ļøšŸŒ»šŸ’šŸ°šŸµšŸ˜Š

About Learning


äøåœåœ°å­¦ä¹ ļ¼Œéš¾é“åŖę˜Æäøŗäŗ†äø€å¼ ę–‡å‡­ļ¼Ÿäøåœåœ°åæ™ē¢Œļ¼Œéš¾é“åŖę˜Æäøŗäŗ†ę¶ˆē£Øꗶ闓ļ¼Ÿęˆ‘čƒ½å­¦äŗ›ä»€ä¹ˆļ¼Œåˆčƒ½ęŠŠę—¶é—“åÆ„ę‰˜åœØ什么ļ¼Ÿ

ꈑēš„ēˆ±å„½ļ¼šē»˜ē”»å’ŒéŸ³ä¹ šŸŽØšŸŽ¶


äø€å¤©ļ¼Œęˆ‘åœØ食阁偶ē„¶å¬č§äŗ†äø€äøŖåŠØ听ēš„ę›²å­ļ¼Œč¶Šå¬č¶Šč§‰å¾—ē†Ÿę‚‰…ꁍē„¶å‘ēŽ°ę—©åœØå…­å¹“å‰ęˆ‘ę›¾å†™čæ‡čæ™é¦–ę›²å­…čæ™é¦–ę›²å­čæ˜åœØꈑēš„č®°äŗ‹ęœ¬å­å‘¢ļ¼ä»¤ęˆ‘ęƒŠč®¶ēš„ę˜Æļ¼Œęˆ‘ēš„čæ™é¦–ę›²å­äøę˜Æ众äŗŗå–œę¬¢å¬ēš„čŠ‚å„…čæ™äøŖäø–ē•ŒäøŠē«Ÿē„¶ęœ‰å¦äø€äøŖäŗŗå’Œęˆ‘äø€ę ·ļ¼Œå†™čæ™ä¹ˆå†·é—Øēš„ę›²å­ļ¼Ÿ…

One fine day, we saw the moon in the shape of a crescent…a smiling moon! Can you imagine people getting excited over this? Well, I am…we are…just being simple. Maybe I’m being a simple-minded person, but isn’t it wonderful to be just having simple and pure thoughts? I’m not that holy…so I cannot guarantee that all my thoughts are definitely pure in mind. But I have no doubt that most of the time, they are definitely simple…or perhaps naive as what some may see us as.

Still, I believe that we must have simple and happy thoughts. When we feel down, all things seem to be not going our way. Even the legs of the bed may be an obstruction to our walk. When we feel happy, even when people criticise us badly we’re still able to bounce back in cheers…LOL maybe to others, we are gila…šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜

However, I am no saint so I’m susceptible to moods of change. Maybe that’s dependent on the position of the moon…the placement of the stars…the appropriate amount of sunshine… I’m not living in a fluffy world cushioned with marshmallows. Thus I try to be harsher towards myself as I know I may slack. Yet I know I don’t slack (for long?) because I am a terribly restless person. Oh great, I must have had ADHD when younger. No wonder I paced out in class…

There are many places I remember oh so clearly. At this age, doesn’t it seem strange that our memories can be so clear and yet blurry at times? šŸ‘€

About learning…č¦å­¦ä»„č‡“ē”Ø…my favourite Maths topic: Angles…my dreams of being an architect hahahaha…

åŠŖ力čæ‡č‡Ŗå·±ęƒ³čæ‡ēš„ē”Ÿę“» šŸ˜ŠšŸŒˆā„ļøā˜€ļøā›„ļøā­ļøšŸŒ»šŸ’šŸ°šŸµšŸ˜Š


A conversation with a friend brought me to the realisation, that when you have friends who think similarly like you, you’re indeed very blessed…or maybe, we’re just being naive?

I hate making friends just for the sake of having friends around you. No, I’m not a loner, but I don’t deny that I do enjoy my lone moments very much. I don’t mind having friends who have very different ideas of life from myself. To me, I can learn, and it’s an eye-opener anyway. However, when friends are too vastly different in their daily lifestyles and beliefs, somehow the relationship may feel abit distant…because we are humans after all, we need to bond with some commonalities. The singles may not really understand lovey-dovey-ness of the couples around them. The childless may not comprehend the longing and inseparable attention of a parent to his/her child. The haughty ones may laugh at the fact that there are people who still stay in HDB flats…

To summarise, we are actually the product of whom we spend the most time with.

And of course, I also find myself very naive. Just like how my friend felt of herself. Sometimes, I feel so cheated…my mum never teaches me this. She has never inculcated this into my life. Not at all. Maybe if she did, I wouldn’t be here…I wouldn’t even be having such a conversation with my friend…obviously, mum didn’t. However, she isn’t as naive as I’m. She does know how to identify her treasure. And to her, treasure is not measurable by weight of the gold and silver coins. Oh well, I’m not just naive, I’m blind as well.

I am just so SLOW. While people are chasing the golden goose, I’m relaxing with the peaceful dove. Does it help me in any way? And worse, some people even thought I had everything NICELY in place. I don’t have it all. There are still so many things on my mind, and I feel so tired. I feel like giving up.

Well, to give up is being NAIVE. Am I one?

The Jdrama that brings me memories


It’s been a long time since I last have peace and quietness. Maybe I yearn for those times — my much younger days. I know there’s no point thinking of ‘if only…’, but can’t we at least create some hopes and keep the dreams alive? I am not that pessimistic to think that there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. When people think it’s beyond hope, I tend to think it’s the start of something new. Preference sets in. And I find people getting queerer and queerer. Indeed, marriage is the amalgamation of two beings, joining their lives together, and forgoing much of the previous preferences they may have had. It’s ridiculous to insist that the other party corresponds to your likes, tastes and preferences in all ways. That’s being arrogant.

I think, what matters to me the most, is the heart of the person. A loving person cares, hopes, waits, even when it seems so ridiculous.

Some friends and I were on the conversation about Gen Y. Apparently many Gen Yers expect their parents to provide money in these areas: car, condo, wedding. They are so used to the easy lifestyles, and many just want to depend on their parents. Me? I can do without a condo. I have nothing to keep up with appearances. As for a car, I just need one that has a reasonable fuel economy. Wedding?…I didn’t think of marrying young. Marriage is a solemn affair of exchanging of vows, pledging to be there for each other in good and bad times, in sickness and in health, in rich or poverty. Both have to embrace each other wholeheartedly with these vows in mind and heart. Was I emotionally matured at an earlier age?

I don’t like to be seen as strong. For people conveniently dismiss that I have great pains. I am a human after all, I’m not an aggressor, I have my many weak moments. Yet I know if I am to fall, it’s just so hard to go on. The pain may even be worse. Thus whenever I injure myself, I tend to just dismiss the wound and the pain…until it hurts so badly for me to be nursed properly.

Will there be a time when I just give up?

…………………… Tiring times.

åŠŖ力čæ‡č‡Ŗå·±ęƒ³čæ‡ēš„ē”Ÿę“» šŸ˜ŠšŸŒˆā„ļøā˜€ļøā›„ļøā­ļøšŸŒ»šŸ’šŸ°šŸµšŸ˜Š