Carrot Cake

What is this? A carrot cake! Not 菜头果. I’ve been loving carrot cakes since a few years ago. And so far, this is the prettiest I’ve seen. Hahaha…carrot cake!

Frankly, I don’t know what to say. Time is such a precious commodity. Before you know, that moment is gone. And forever. Looking back, I know that I wouldn’t have been able to smile so happily without my friends of various walks of life. Very thankful to God for the continuous blessings of angels. Life is not perfect, and people make such a great difference in our lives, both positive or negative encounters.

I don’t like to think of the negative. I do wonder whether I am hopelessly optimistic. 最近听到这首歌’冬季到台北来看雨’,想起了歌手梦庭玮;’今夜你会不会来’,想起了歌手/演员黎明。这些都是80年代末期的歌曲与歌手。一天,顿时听到了电台播放伍思凯的歌曲’寂寞公路’,听了之后,我不禁怀疑自己,以往怎么是这样忧愁的人?太不可思议了!

Anyway, i guess all teenagers go through different phases in life. My parents gave me the trust and respect when I was a teen. I loved to play and go out, but at the same time I loved to study. Hence I didn’t have a rough time with my parents about my studies. Because they also firmly believe that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Heeheehee…and yes, I still love to play, even at this age!…well, who doesn’t???

The fact that I am very serious and committed in my tasks doesn’t mean that I have no joy in my life. The thing is: I dissect and classify things (emotions included) very well. I may be angry with the actions made, but I am not angry with the person per se. If I actually am angry with both the actions and the person…I think my face will turn super black. Thankfully, this is not often that I meet such kind of people. Else, I most likely will age in the speed of light. Hahahaha!

Words from an android: Being overtly emotional may serve as a stumbling block, whereas being overtly heartless may create misunderstandings.


Sylvanian ‘LOVE’

My 2 major toy obsessions: LEGO bricks and Sylvanian Families. I have yet to find a suitable larger display cabinet just for my toys. The existing one has been exploding, and I guess I do not like to see my little toy animals having a bad time in the wooden glass cottage. Oh please, let me find a château de Sylvanian for my little darlings soon! I actually thought that Frank Frank would soon import the cabinet that I wanted…unfortunately, they are out of Vivo now 😫😫😫

Anyway, imagine my happiness when I saw this almost life-sized Sylvanian house! 😊😊😊 I would love to be in a real cottage like this. Almost. Was in Scotland and the Highlands a decade ago, and I was totally blown by the cottage we stayed in. I really really LOVE the place, and their lifestyle. Really peaceful and good for the mind, body and soul. Someone once commented that I would be bored staying in such a place for long. Well, that’s totally not me. I guess this person knows me not. I’m so NOT a city person. I’m not interested in the neon signboards, the chaotic traffic, the loud chattering, and the ultimate push-n-shove. Oh well…I am fine just looking at a big field filled with grass. I am fine with just spending an afternoon sitting on a bench by the stream. (I was actually on the verge of hyper-ventilating when I got to do that!) Ah…the type of lifestyle I like…definitely NOT rushing here and there, NOT competing with anyone, NOT wanting to be the first in line, NOT doing what everyone else has been doing…

Hence, I think I have very atypical thoughts. For the subsequent years ahead, I’ll also be making decisions that may defy logic. Logic to most people who really belong to this world. I think, I don’t. LOL. I’m not a ZEN-type of person either. So, who am I? And what am I?

I enjoy a good conversation and good company of people. I may not be a very chatty person, but I do like to keep in touch with people whom I am concerned about. However, we all have our commitments in life, and thus, many times we have to set our focus right. I’m someone on the extreme. When I focus on some stuffs, I may really forget about my own self. Many times I have to pull myself out, so that I do not become obsessed. The ability to focus is scary to me. And I am much too hardheaded a person.

God always knows how to give me the warning. Of course, it takes REALLY something major to bring me away from my focus. And…I have quite a few things to focus on at the same time. So how???…

I am not a materialistic person. I’m more of an experiential-type of person. I like various experiences. Really VaRIOUs experiences. Maybe that’s why…I do encounter people/events that happen as if we are in drama land.

Very amused (but delighted) to hear my dad telling me this: 你开心就好 😊 and a friend recently reinforced this notion to me: Most importantly, you are HAPPY! 😊 Yes…thank you very much…for my dear ones who really love me enough to see me happy 😊😊😊

Words from an android: Being overtly emotional may serve as a stumbling block, whereas being overtly heartless may create misunderstandings.


I believe that our states of mind and heart affect our health. I am not without any stress in life. Truly, I’m a normal human being. Maybe the only thing I am not interested is in competing for various pursuits in life. Somehow, this made me the oddball. But do I care? I don’t. Because I live my life not based on people’s expectations of me. Hence, I may really do something so suddenly that people may not even realise that I have been planning for it all along. Because they are too embroiled in their pursuits of life, and they think that everyone has and should have similar pursuits. Well, I guess not. At least not for me, and some of my close friends.

I am not interested in many things. But I am interested in many other things. What does this mean? I really get bored very easily. Yes, very easily. Just that my looks are deceiving. I look like one who will not get bored of the same thing everyday. Or maybe, I just like mental stimulation. A good conversation does the trick.

我不想谈情说爱, 但是我喜欢浪漫. 哈哈!很难,不对吗?我不想,也不喜欢被绑住。失去自由,我绝不要!

Sigh. Seriously, I rather I look less like a Japanese. Sales spoke to me in broken Japanese, people on the streets helped me with directions in Japanese…I am rather wary of people when they treat me like a Japanese. Because the Japanese I know are very nice and beautiful people. And the problem is: Many people are harsh and unkind. I know that people don’t like to hear this, because if they are the guilty ones, they definitely dislike such truths. I tend to worry about the Japanese counterparts. Because they are so much kinder, I think they are being bullied easily. But well, I still love their good nature, and their strive to be one with a good heart. And…I really find them very…lovely!!!!! Hence, I feel so much at home with them, everything. Well, I know every culture has its own black sheep. Nah, this doesn’t prevent me from having special affections for the Japanese I know.

I don’t want to be just part of the mundanity of life. I don’t want to be slave to anyone or anything. When I sit down, and have a cup of tea, I look around and I wish, that I am at that cottage, with the big green field and the horses and sheep nearby. Oh…and the little stream that flows along the stretch…how poetic the day will be…😊😊😊

Why do i see people rushing here and there? Why does this world move in such a fast pace? Why can’t we take things slowly, breathe and appreciate? Why must there be so many criticisms from mankind on this and that? Why are people so discontented and unhappy?……

Gadgets. Apps.
Such stuffs bring us closer to one another. Closer, so much closer that we can have 5 romantic relationships concurrently…am I exaggerating? Will someone ask me Heylo, what’s your sample size?…With the technological advancements, I realise I prefer the human touch. Face it up, look at me in the eye…hahaha…but well, the person must be pleasing to my eyes…not any Tom, Dick or Harry will do…It’s really the truth. Maybe I should really look out for one like my JC bestie who looks like Captain America…who cares about the heart, as long as the look satisfies my eyes???…

LOL all these influences from my dear friend. She’s really funny. But I guess she’s being enlightened since two decades ago. I should have heeded her advice 😍😍😍 Maybe in the past, I thought that good looks were the norm, since my JC bestie was really an eye candy. And silly me just didn’t realise that good looks were definitely not the norm. But then…I do still meet people who are not the norm. So I also don’t know whether good looks are the norm…after all?

Maybe to me, one needs to have the following: sharp features, cheerful eyes (can be small!), lovely smile…Hahaha…but these days how do people ascertain whether the person right in front of you is real and genetically blessed-with-good-looks…??? I am BIG on genes…I think, it’s very very important. Very important. Extremely important.

Words from an android: Being overtly emotional may serve as a stumbling block, whereas being overtly heartless may create misunderstandings.