My obsession with the Sylvanian Families. I badly need a wooden type of display cabinet for my growing collection. Ow….where are you, my cabinet? I need you for Sylvanian 😊😊😊

Caught this Japanese movie on the doctor profession, and I was glad that wasn’t really centred around the ER/doctor-nurse/doctor-patient issues. One part of this movie brought my attention to memories. In a particular scene, someone was dying. And it seemed that his best memories were during his younger days with his loved one. Oh……and he just wouldn’t forget that particular moment!…Oh…such an endearing thought, but at the same time, I felt sad when I watched that scene. I hardly hold on to memories of my mid-20s. I can remember my pre-20s and early 20s very clearly, especially during those periods when I was in NTU, not NIE. Those were such memorable moments, and plenty of dreams and loves……I believe that we can control our memories. And decide what we want to recall. I, have a very poor memory, in reality. I cannot seem to remember many things. Maybe, my best memories stopped at age 21. Hahaha……

No, I am not such a pessimistic person. In fact, I think that there are still plenty of dreams and loves around. At least, I think, there are. For me. Am I a goon? Never mind, I am not concerned about that. I am just a happy self, believing in dreams and hopes in loves. Why not?

I am first a person. So I choose happiness. Happiness is my choice. Thinking of happy things is my choice. Looking forward to many good times and things is my choice. Taking the steps and being focused in my happiness is my choice. I know what makes me happy, and what makes me not. I like to see the Sylvanian Families, and so I have many of them. Likewise, with people. But well, in the process, I’m sure that we do meet up with people who are just not happy. With whatever. And it is universal. Well, do I even have time to be unhappy?…since I’m in such a squeeze for time, happiness is definitely my choice! πŸ˜œπŸ˜™β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜Š

Words from an android: Being overtly emotional may serve as a stumbling block, whereas being overtly heartless may create misunderstandings.


Seeing for the third time???

I’ve been seeing such limousine for the third time. Ok, one may say, what’s the big deal…well, never mind, to me, it’s a big deal…because I equate this with the dollar sign ($). LOL

Sometimes things happened, and we wondered why. And when things happened another time, we wondered, why again?…and so the cycle repeats itself. I spent plenty of years wondering. Ok, not really plenty, just less than 5 years. Wondered, and ended up doubting myself for a moment or two. And I became fed-up about the process of wondering about the same old thing. I hate repetitive stuffs. I hate repeating scenarios. I see patterns very easily, and hence I really cannot pretend to be nice and say that I’m blind or dumb to the reality that I see patterns. Ok, I’m not a nice person when it comes to stuffs dealing with my beliefs in life. Some people say that I have very high expectations. Hmmm…it’s not expectations, it’s my belief.

Can’t believe that at this point of time I can still dream of ZS. Just too vivid. Sigh. Isn’t this not my time? LOL…someone just walked very near me to ask me directions…and he looked like Lee Jong Suk…hahaha…ok, I can still build my dreams, right? I have to take life easy, and not to hold on to too many of my silly beliefs, right? I have to really enjoy my life and not be embroiled in all those materialistic wants, right?

If I can, I’ll be living near the mountains, in the green area, where I can wake up to fresh air daily, clear skies daily, minimal traffic noise daily. Yes, I’m suitable for a life near the mountains, away from the bustling city. People may find this a bore. Me a bore. Anything. I’ve seen people who are being enticed by the city excitements. Truly exciting. But at the end of the day, are they truly happy?…

Thank God for the kind soul who somehow followed me out of his shop, walked a distance and took photographs for us. Haha…he must have thought that I’m such a helpless ahjumma. (Although there’s one guy who actually asked me, is this your son?)

Well, there will be other times, right?

Words from an android: Being overtly emotional may serve as a stumbling block, whereas being overtly heartless may create misunderstandings.

Fast or Slow?

This has been my favourite since last year. There are 2 versions for this song: fast and slow. Which one do I prefer?

I…prefer the slow version. Hahaha…in life I’m utterly slow. So it’s not a wonder that I prefer the slow track. Does this make sense? I am slow, to the point of being quite dumb. I’m not very clever. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that I do not like to overthink about certain things. There are some things I prefer to avoid. Oh, so it’s avoidance? Not slow???

I tend to flee or freeze when I encounter situations that require me to rely on emotions. Yes, I like to laugh, smile, think of happy thoughts, have fun, joke around, laze, chill, read, analyse…and yes, I like to stare blankly into space, at preferably grassland…near to the sky, see the clouds, feel the breeze, think of happy and funny stuffs…basically, I’m not someone who likes to compete. So, at times I wonder, why would people misunderstand me when all I want is to just put in my very best…

I’m looking forward. Though when I eventually reach the point, I’ll miss these times and I’ll wish that time just stop at this moment.

It’s amazing as we grow. And glow. And I’m really happy to know that I’ve known a number of people in my life, who make great friends. Yes, occasionally I have strange people appearing, and perhaps I’m a strange person (as what some certain people like to say that about me), I find these people strange as well…LOL. But then, maybe they aren’t worth the effort for me to be normal, or not to be strange…heehee…

As usual, I freeze. And when I freeze, I try my best to flee. Isn’t this ironic, how to flee when you freeze????….but that’s me, isn’t that so? Maybe it takes a very bright knight to unfreeze me…heehee…bright…

Yup, I like Scotland, and I like adventures. I like the cottage and farm styles. I like people who pay attention…to my needs…and surprise me with them!…because I don’t ask for help, not that I don’t trust people, but more of the fact I do not like to cause inconvenience to others…I’m very touched when the person takes a step further to let me know…

Yes, let me know…but…I’m still not the usual one you think I am.

Every Single Day —


Words from an android: Being overtly emotional may serve as a stumbling block, whereas being overtly heartless may create misunderstandings.