Concept of time

Time is a very important element in my life. A precious and sacred commodity, one that disappears fast without fail. Nah, I am not God, I can’t control time. And hence I tend to divide my time by trying to allocate sufficient time for people I hold close to my heart.

Lately, there’s a change to this arrangement. Priorities change, new events and people, new tasks, new roles, new experiences, ……, I think, we all enter into different phases in life at different rates and timings. When i was younger, I gave time to everyone around me, except myself. As I discover new things, I realise, I need a lot of time, for myself. And now, having years of me as the center of my universe, it’s a high possibility that I find difficulty to adjust to the original concept. While this is a difficulty, it doesn’t signify my unwillingness to part. But there are times when I have important things to handle, I cannot tend to everyone’s needs and wants. If I can, the weekends will be good. But there are times when my hands are just tied and I cannot.

Not everyone operates on the same mindset. It’s hard to coordinate with the timings. And what’s more, it depends on my desires as well. However, reality seems to be quite different from what we expect, and humans are just humans after all…and I am a human as well, not a computer programmed EVA machine.

While the thoughts may be good, such as having Little Twin Stars as a guardian angel, I do wonder about how the rest will turn out. Perhaps, just like one friend pointed, I’m one who always meet head-on with changes, and I handle many changes within the same period of time. Oh gosh, I am indeed such a high-risk taker! I must have the most naive mentality in this world, that everyone can accommodate to my changes as well!…

If I still view me as the center of my universe, I can be known as Sunny Island soon…an island, just an island…ah! Sigh.

Like is always easier as there’s no need for me to tolerate nonsense. Love is harder as I must like ALL about the person, including his hairstyle and shape of his face! (Not to mention his intelligence and all other important aspects as well)


Little Twin Stars: Watch

At times, I actually feel that Little Twin Stars are just like angels in my life, lighting my way and keeping a lookout for me.

I know I am being idealistic. I like all things pure and simple. Human and matters alike, I don’t like complexity. It hurts me. It scares me. It depresses me. It irritates me. It makes me lose my energy. People are really very complex in thoughts and words. But somehow their actions usually denote the truth of their heart. Eg. People who claim they do charity, but push others while trying to get an item at some discounted fairs. Okay, my sample size isn’t big. But we can’t deny such existence. And this parallels with many aspects in life, the people we come into contact with. I just can’t describe how disgusted I feel.

Many are pagans, aren’t they? I wish I can be more decisive and waste less energy. I wish I can be more firm and get it done and over with. Recently, I did something unbelievable. I shall write about it sometime later. Now I just need to sleep!!!

Like is always easier as there’s no need for me to tolerate nonsense. Love is harder as I must like ALL about the person, including his hairstyle and shape of his face! (Not to mention his intelligence and all other important aspects as well)










Like is always easier as there’s no need for me to tolerate nonsense. Love is harder as I must like ALL about the person, including his hairstyle and shape of his face! (Not to mention his intelligence and all other important aspects as well)

I really don’t know what to say

Is it a crime to be happy???

I know people strive for happiness. And many are striving for happiness that seemed so vague a term for them. More often than not, as long as we are appreciative of the simpler things we have in this life, we’ll be happy. If we don’t keep hankering, coveting, manipulating, gossiping, we’ll be happy. It’s not hard to be happy. Just smile, nod your head, look forward to simple things in life, be thankful for God’s gifts, love His people, have a hobby…it’s not hard. It only gets a bit tough when the happy people suddenly recognise the existence of the unhappy ones. Oh my!

All along I find that it’s meaningless to know people who are unhappy. I can’t satisfy them, and I don’t want to satisfy them. So, isn’t that a total waste of time? We can do 1001 things in our life, but that’s not going to change the state of how we feel: happy or unhappy. For me, I totally dislike myself if I have to do some other things to distract myself from my state of unhappiness, if ever there’s really such an existence in the first place for a prolonged period of time. I am not one who looks for temporal happiness. That’s not happiness. That’s just filling in the time, wasting energy, exploiting resources. Sometimes, we just need the courage to tell ourselves the truth. That we aren’t superwomen, wondermen…we are mortals. Having said that, I still couldn’t understand why some people extolled others and in particular, expect them to be an all-rounder, and yet harbour resentment against these so-called all-rounders.

I think, that’s the by-product of insecurity and jealousy. To say the truth, if one wants to feel insecure, what can I do for such a person? If one wants to be jealous, what am I to do either? It’s not as if I am the perpetrator who take away their slice of cake in the box. As usual, that’s not my life, and definitely not me, hence I won’t understand. Is it good to understand? I also don’t know whether this is a blessing. But what I feel generally from most is, it’s better to understand. Ok, I get it, I’m low in EQ.

Because of this low score in EQ, it’s tough to manipulate me, because I don’t give much attention to emotions.

Like is always easier as there’s no need for me to tolerate nonsense. Love is harder as I must like ALL about the person, including his hairstyle and shape of his face! (Not to mention his intelligence and all other important aspects as well)

Cold and colder!

It has been so wet these days! How I wish it can be transformed into snow!…well…

I told myself to sleep tonight. Just SLEEP. But well, I find that it’s too cold to sleep. Maybe I should turn off the aircon. But I’m so used to having it on! Okie, a spoilt brat here, am I?

Just read the news on the meteorite that fell at a part of Russia. It must have been terrifying, especially for the younger kids who were having lessons and away from their parents at that time. Pray that God heals their injuries. Pray that God stops the process of meteorite falling onto Earth.

When one is feeling down, this can be such a morbid thought. But it made me wonder about certain aspects of life. Why are we working and fighting since this world might end soon in our time?…Even if this world is not ending soon, our individual time here is also limited. So why do people keep fighting, keep competing, keep smearing? Just to satisfy one’s pride?

I don’t have the answers. I am just wondering aloud. Don’t we think about things, and think about our thoughts? There are some whom I don’t want to even hear them speak. The very instant they open their mouth, that very instant I dislike. 我是一个爱恨分明很清楚的人。I cannot stand emotional people, and I cannot stand people who made stupid mistakes.

Like is always easier as there’s no need for me to tolerate nonsense. Love is harder as I must like ALL about the person, including his hairstyle and shape of his face! (Not to mention his intelligence and all other important aspects as well)

Getting fatter

I still think I’m getting fatter but my weighing scale says otherwise. Confused? The weighing scale is the one who is confused, not me.

I miss New Year in Japan. I miss the country. I miss her people. Oh…… But it’s so hard now. I have my commitments and I just have to put this away. Sad. But I should be able to control my emotions. I’m a robot, remember??

It’s so nice that our fathers cook well. We learn good stuffs from our fathers. I thank God for them. Indeed, it’s all God’s grace and blessings upon us. Not to forget, that God hears my prayer since I first prayed to him in Primary 5. And subsequently, I know He will see to everything I’ve prayed specifically for. There are times when I’m super busy and I forget to contact people. I am quite absent-minded in a way, and I have 1001 things to remember and attend to. I’m not so free for mindless pursuits, coffee shop talks and complaints about petty issues. To me, time is extremely precious. Rest is precious. Healthy relationship is precious.

I guess I may need to start running after all. I do like the adrenaline rush, and if I do proper stretching, I think I won’t develop any cramp. When shall I start?

It’s fast, isn’t it? March is just about 2 weeks away. Whoosh…!

I like Wilbur Pan. LOL. That was in Year 2003. I don’t know whether he has shown improvement in his music. I’m not one who’s very attuned to the latest entertainment. I’m actually quite an oldie. For me to like and listen to Big Bang and DBSK is already a giant step. LOL. Not to mention KARA and SNSD. Now, I’ve lost track of whatever ABCD groups they have…

I didn’t manage to finish up ‘The Moon embraces the Sun’ last year. But based on the first few episodes, I like the intellectual connection that the young Moon had with the Sun. Intellectual connection, not emotional connection…okie, this seems to be closer to what attracts me. Recite poetry, flair for words…and put them to proper use (not for deceiving people)…to me, is highly attractive. LOL. But of course, being a very down-to-earth person, I can’t just listen to poetry nor read words alone. The abilities to analyse, critic and debate matter a lot as well. I love it when people can explain themselves well. I like to see people’s thought process. It’s very interesting and I am highly stimulated.

Low levels conversations?… I do enjoy these as well…but only once in a while, for some good laughs and senseless words. But I firmly believe, if one enjoys participating in such mindless pursuits, in the long run, even the intellectual self will deteriorate, and the eventual being is just as good as mindless.


Cold and wet season

Raindrops keep falling on my head…
And just like the guy whose feet are too big for his bed
Nothing seems to fit…

I like this song, I don’t know why it sounds like a happy song to me, though it’s about the rain.

It’s the cold and wet season again. So fast??? Are we sinking?

I am appalled with some people. I can’t imagine their mentality and psychological aspects. When I analyse this in the psychological aspects, there is really a need to be concerned and make appropriate plans.

It’s amazing how some people try to coerce you into their schemes. Just like some cult societies. They speak eloquently, flex their privileged backgrounds, and think the world of themselves. Yet in their truest selves, they are just deeply insecure. We all see them every now and then. Some remind you to be pious, only to hear this person making a joke about others. Some give you advice, only to realise that this person just want to gather support from you. Hidden agenda?…smells like it. But I firmly believe, birds of a feather flock together, it’s the values that bind people together. Hence it’s ridiculous to say that the person has no/little choice about it.

True, I only like to talk to people who share similar values. I find a waste of time to talk to people who have different values. What do I value?


Industrious: I don’t like people who are lazy. I like people who strive and always put in their best despite their weaknesses in life.

Faithfulness: I don’t like people who are flippant in their decision. I like people who are decisive and decided in their decision and make a commitment towards it with no regret.

Sincerity: I don’t like people who are fake and pretentious. I like people who mean what they say, and not saying just for the sake of filling in the gap.

Uprightness: I don’t like people who sit on the fence and condone acts that are inherently wrong. I like people who have a clear distinction between right and wrong.

My brain is fried by now…gotta ZZzzz


Seeing stars hahaha!…

I wonder whether I have enough energy …keep striving, keep laughing, keep doing…I know I badly need more sleep, but I just keep putting it away. I don’t want to just plonk myself back to a pattern that I can only term it as lazy. I even plan to do more as I age, maybe if I can achieve another dream, why not?…

I like to realise my dreams. Dreams that aren’t related to the mundane life. Dreams that allow me to get new perspectives, experience fresh styles. It’s not all easy and definitely not a bed of roses for me. Well, that’s the challenge I like. If there isn’t a good challenge, I’ll totally just ignore and let go. Since this is what I want, I set my sights on, and gear towards it. And I have no lament.

I’m sure that God will see me through all these. He knows that I’m happy in this sense. I am not perfect, so there are times when I cave in to my emotions and moods as well.

Well, at least I know I am not lazy. And my loved ones know my love and values in life.


Lazy lazy lazy

Haha, such a lazy bum.
Pardon my condescending tone. But in this life, I have a total disdain of lazy bums. I like people who strive and work hard and smart. I personally subscribe to this saying 一分耕耘一分收获. The one who strives hard and is hardworking, I pray for him. For his good health and success. As for lazy bums, I think they just like to be a leech. I can’t imagine the layers of skin they must have. That being lazy and doing nothing much seems to be their norm of life. Perhaps to them, the ability to shake and vibrate is what they deem so proud of themselves. Hahaha, really, who cannot do that???…Just think, what’s the ancient occupation in this world?

Indeed, look at the size of the head. Big head doesn’t mean big brain. One has to look at the built of the person. If the person has a strong stature with big bones, the size of the brain may actually be comparatively small…as opposed to one with a smaller stature with smaller bones…but big head…big brain…

Hahaha, small-brained people always like to lament about others. That’s about so much of the content they can actually store in their brains…gosh!…