I love this asymmetrical cardigan which I wear on its own as a top. I like pieces that don’t conform to the regular. I am not in the norm. I’m at the other spectrum of the bell curve LOL.

Been doing nothing much but packing, packing, packing and cooking. In a day, I spend 3/4 of my time packing. I am packing everywhere, this is strange, why am I suddenly into the mood for packing?

My dream: Merging with reality!


All frills. What a thrill.

Something beige, something cream, something Miranda.
I think, being simple is nice. And maybe I don’t have that much energy, it’s hard for me to be complex. I really wonder how people can do it. To be energetic, to be manipulative, to be scheming, to be competitive. We see these people in all forms of relationship. Some are bullies, some have Narcissistic personality disorder, some have very unhealthy self-esteem, some have insecurity issues. I like to listen to good people. Because I learn a lot from them. And they are willing to guide me as well. I like to observe bad people. Because I learn a lot from them as well. And I wouldn’t even know of such an existence until I encounter it. Life is a lifelong learning process. I am learning every day, be it speaking, handling, solving, cooking…there are things I don’t even know of…I wish I can watch the entire series of National Geographic, History Channel, Animal Planet etc. I have stopped watching the Kdrama. Not too hopeful that I’ll be reverting to the K-side again. I get sick of things once in a while…I can like the same thing for a continuous period of time, say, 3 weeks…thereafter I grow sick of it that just the sight of it irks me.

My dream: Merging with reality!

White and Green: Love the Environment

Born into this world, we all have the responsibility to take good care of our environment. Unfortunately, people just don’t seem to see it this way. Take water for example. It’s absurd when people leave the tap on while they brush their teeth. Such a waste of water resource! Another example is light. It’s absurd when people are in the living room, and yet almost all lights in the rest of the house are being switched on. Such a waste of energy!…

Oh, I sounded grumpy. But I really get irritated by people who don’t care much about this earth. Perhaps, such people also couldn’t care much about the people around them either. Self-centred. Egocentric.

Finally got what I wanted to buy. After almost 1.5yrs of procrastination. LOL. I am going to start my painting again. To get into the momentum, I’ll start with the fool-proof method with the numbers. No choice, despite me feeling so restricted with this. And thereafter, without numbers, just plain canvas, I’ll try my best to do a Picasso style and a Monet style. I don’t think I’m ready for Van Gogh yet. I remember about two decades ago I was busy researching for the famous artists’ works. I was thrilled when I saw a number of them at The Louvre. I am in awe of the paintings. All thanks to my grandfather. I watched him painting pieces after pieces when I was younger. I am very glad to inherit this interest and talent from him.

Cooked green curry fish for my parents. I may not be a real chef in restaurant, but cooking is not a difficult thing. I don’t see the need to eat instant noodles, unless I am lazy. And being lazy is bad. But of course, that doesn’t mean I am not lazy at all. I am not perfect, so there’s 1% of my time that I would contemplate to cook instant noodles. LOL. I love food and cooking, so instant noodles do not provide the kick for me. I feel unchallenged with instant noodles. I like to do different things. Sometimes all at the same time, sometimes at different times. I am definitely not the typical stick to the routine kind of person. I like to create, improvise and change. In a way, there are times when I end up being unpredictable. Because I may just procrastinate and be lazy and not wanting to create, improvise and change. And with that, people think I’m accepting of all kinds of nonsense, and is just basically a push-over. Well, I also wonder what actually constitutes the key to ignite my flame. I can be both dormant and active. Why is this so?…because I am quite a Gemini?…LOL

My dream: Merging with reality!

2 very strange dreams

I dreamt of the last day of the Mayan calendar. I was in an apartment. There were several buildings around me. The buildings seemed to be vast apart from one another. And I wondered why it was in this way. I looked out of the window, and saw that the skies were gloomy and…the following scenes just made me freeze! There used to be low-rise apartments and houses nearby. But they were submerged in the water. Water was gushing in from the sea. It covered plenty of area. And people were running with all their might. The whole scene reminded me of the tsunamis in Japan last March. This was so upsetting and devastating. In the dream, I was at quite a high-level, about the 24th and above. But still, we didn’t get to escape the waves of water. We were being engulfed. And I was very sad, I was telling my parents, thanking them for raising me up, going through all the troubles and worries, and if ever there’s another life time, I want them to be my parents again. My parents seemed to be real calm about it, telling me that life will come to an end somehow, and told me not to feel sad or guilty, because I had been a good child to them……Well, the next moment, I realised that yes, we were being engulfed and just as fast as the waters rushed in, the waters resided in a moment. And it’s God’s way of separating the people who are good, versus bad. In my dream, my parents were with me. And I was frantically searching for some other people…some moments were joyous, some moments were sad…And we realised, that’s the new beginning that we’ve been hearing and talking about…The skies looked calm, and I didn’t really hear anyone crying their hearts out loud. Sadness was in the air, but not the cryings…

The second dream seemed more ridiculous than the first. Dreamt that my neighbour had a white Siberian Husky. And I bumped onto them while out on a stroll by the beach. The Siberian Husky actually could talk! And when it saw me, it told its owner, hey this girl likes me!…Oh dear, I almost fainted when I heard that, because I wondered what on earth had I done that would give this Husky the wrong message???…O_O The Husky chased after me. I told the owner to hold tight on the rein. She tried her best, only to have one end of the rein entangled by her foot. That’s bad. The Husky was getting nearer, I shouted! A teenage girl appeared and offered to help. But she used the Husky to scare me! At times she held on the rein tightly so that the Husky couldn’t get near me, while at other times she loosened her rein and the Husky dashed towards me, just missing an inch! I was so scared that I had nowhere to run to but the toilet! And so in I went, shut the door tightly!

With that, I woke up and realised I was running late for work! Oh my…O_O

My dream: Merging with reality!

Rugged look

I think I’m into the ROCK style these days. Suddenly, I like these colours: khaki green, black, dark grey, golden brown and dark red. LOL Am I going through a certain phase in life?… Hahaha… This is so funny. I admit I like the alternate look. Always looking Kawaii bores me! Always looking too lady-like bores me! And I am getting sick of my usual looks. Looking at left, right, centre, these days I actually find my face changing!…especially my eyes, they look as if I have drawn some eye-liner on them…strange huh? Oh hohoho, maybe I am lacking sleep? πŸ˜€

I want to do a spring cleaning of my clothes tomorrow. Else I cannot go out anymore! Seriously. Why on earth must I keep those clothes I hardly wear??? That’s hoarding, isn’t that? I don’t want to see so many things at my place.

Quite shocked to hear how some private institutions accredit their students. I also don’t know whether that’s the real truth.

A lousy attitude leads to nowhere. And that’s regardless of generations. True, we often say strawberry generations have lousy attitudes…well, who are the ones raising them? I believe that we shouldn’t just dump all blame onto the strawberry generation. They develop lousy attitudes because of lousy behaviour they have seen in their life. Likewise, they develop good attitudes because of good values they have been inculcated in their life. I feel so sick when people just try to push their responsibility away by focusing on the influence of media that affected these strawberry young adults. When will people ever be more responsible for their own self and actions? Are they going to continue blaming everyone else but themselves? If that’s the case, we’ve been seeing many accounts of Monkey-See, Monkey-Do. Sigh…

Never push the blame to anyone.
Take account for your own responsibility of matters.
I wonder, why these are so hard to do.

Top from Zara
Bottom from Muji (a lovely boy said 母鸑) haha so funny!

My dream: Merging with reality!

Life…as it is…

I must have overworked! Ever since I am back after the surgery, I have been working hard and adhering to all the various deadlines. More often than not, I feel like a sheepdog chasing the sheep…LOL. Oh ya, I miss watching Shaun the sheep. Need to rest and relax. When I finally completed all my deadlines, I felt a strange sense of relief…I need to get other tasks and set some deadlines!…Hahaha, for myself, my personal deadlines. My sis surely will laugh at me as usual, my 2-yr plan, 5-yr plan, 10-yr plan…this reminded me of Stalin and Lenin’s plan for their state during the communist period in Russia. Well, they also had plans for different years in reign, hadn’t they? So why should I not have such for myself as well?…Maybe in the wee-bit of OCD behaviour, I enjoy setting goals and tasks and ticking them off my list. A sense of satisfaction I get. LOL

As I sat at my living area today, I experienced a very strange sensation. Perhaps I have really overworked prior to this. Hopefully the next few days will be better for me πŸ™‚

So happy to finally find the stuff I want from Rakuten!…Yeah! That’s right for the house! I am very sure of the effect I want.

Today, someone shared with me her thoughts about values and beliefs in life. And she wondered whether she’s the one who’s conservative and a stick-in-the-mud. I have such moments too, moments when I query myself why other people are nonchalant about values and beliefs in life, moments when I wonder whether I am just being old-fashioned, conservative and not keeping to times. Well, I am not in the competition to be the most hype gal in this world, so why should I put aside my staunch beliefs and firm values? Since young, I have never had any difficulty getting into a group or being friends with anyone, so why should I package myself just to follow the trends and tastes of others? I don’t see the need to behave in a certain way so that I can be accepted or being welcomed by certain people. In the area of change, my stand is it must be intrinsic more than extrinsic. For intrinsic changes lead to permanency whereas extrinsic changes are temporal. While kids in their teens struggle with identity issues, I hardly had that. I guess my focus was on studies and going towards what I want to attain for myself and my parents.

I was lost for a decade. And given the chance from God, I am back in focus. I appreciate the chance given to me, and am in awe of God’s work. Though I feel slightly nervous about it, I believe that’s the unfinished thing He wants me to do. There was a break in between, and I gave up my dream. No, not give up, I THREW my dream away then. Without much thought for myself. And I didn’t love myself enough then.

So no way am I going to put aside my values and beliefs in life now. So what if I don’t keep up with the most recent songs and pop idols, latest gadget and entertainment places?…So what if I don’t approve of promiscuity and instant gratification?…I am not competing to be the most popular girl in the world…Maybe I like to be the naughtiest girl in school? LOL straight out from Enid Blyton’s books πŸ˜€

My dream: Merging with reality!

Scenes from two shows I caught on TV

It just so happened that these two scenarios were in the television programmes that I watched today. And they were talking about the same topic: infidelity and divorce. And funniest thing was the news broadcasted. The one on NBG and CS. I recalled how someone’s husband (who was in similar situation as CS’s husband) actually told his wife that he would make her service him and not treat her as his wife…hmm…this is really too new-age for me. It’s really beyond my comprehension. Why torture both parties?…

Happiness is a choice. I still believe so. I choose to be happy with my decision, because I believe that I am happy with my decision. This is provided that I am given the freedom to make my choice and carry out my decision. I hate it when people pressurised me into making one. I don’t like people to dictate my life, and worse, manipulate me. I like freedom…θ‡ͺη”±. ζˆ‘δΈε–œζ¬’θ’«ηΊ¦ζŸ.

I am like a horse, I like to move by the wind in the nature, happily galloping in the fields…

At the end of the day, I would like to return to my stable…it helps when I see my loved ones, of whom I have no doubt of them. They give me the security of their love.

My dream: Merging with reality!

A love for beef!

I can’t say how much I detest going to a restaurant and eating the beef not in accordance to how I love it to be done. I love going to Cold Storage and Marketplace to get the beef, for they usually have the fresher and better ones available. Surprisingly, their prices could be quite similar to Fairprice, just like in the case of a threadfin fillet I stumbled upon — it’s even cheaper than Fairprice. And it wasn’t a marked down item.

I think cooking allows me to be creative. I can’t paint or sew the whole time, the end products cannot be consumed. Food dishes are consumables. And so I am happy. With food πŸ˜€ I am thrilled that these days I can do more with creations. Create new space in the house, create new dishes, create new art pieces…I am not much of a couch potato, neither am I one who can keep on reading. Basically, I don’t really like passive activity, where I am on the receiving end. I prefer the active ones. If my physical permits, I would want to do much more sport. Ok, I think I should be contented with one or two. Don’t hanker too much. And don’t hanker the food that others are having. That’s a real bad habit. If it’s a one-off thing, I think that’s fine. But I ever met some people who really constantly preferred the plates of others. I wonder what’s wrong with such people. Well, this is just one example of greed. Likewise, those who always like to compare apples to oranges are another example of greed. Do we have green oranges???…O_O

Very tired. I really need my dosage of vitamins!…

My dream: Merging with reality!

Asymmetrical cardigan and turquoise frilly bottom

I actually managed to catch the ζˆε‰§ζƒ…η‰΅30εΉ΄. It’s not fantastic. But nonetheless, I was glad to catch a few of the old serials I watched when I was so much younger…ε’–ε•‘δΉŒγ€ι’ζ˜₯123γ€θ°ƒθ‰²ζΏγ€ε°ι£žι±ΌοΌ I was more elated to hear the songs for 调色板 once more, because it was such a long forgotten serial as compared to the old famous ones. I realise, I haven’t been watching our local series for a very long time. Since I went to NTU during the early days. On and off I did catch some, with the more recent ones such as ε°ε¨˜ζƒΉ and one more with εˆ˜θŠ·ζ—¬ as the main female lead in some wedding series.

Finally arranged my dining to a new area. Looked a bit cramped, but my cozy corner is super spacious. I think I can do prayers in this corner. And even sleep in this corner. The OSIM sets are just beside this corner…hopefully they don’t look too awkward to be placed there. The new dining area needs a vase of flowers πŸ™‚ Ok, that can wait, because my next chore is to transform a part of the bedroom to the study area. This study area is a very important part of the room. I must do it well. And it’s going to last us for the next few years.

I like to rearrange my place. I cannot stand having the same style and alignment all the time. I like things to be rearranged, preferably every year. Well, this is already my third…LOL. For an arty self like me, I have to keep changing, else I feel suffocated. I like such freedom of change. I don’t like to face the same routine all the time. And now, I want an art corner as well. Paint my stuff. I need an easel!!!! Now I know. A fantastic house for me to have would be one by the nature, with trees and flowers, a cottage house with glass windows for natural lighting, an easel and my art materials in a part of the living area…hear the birds chirping…smell the freshness of the greenery…well, that would be heaven!!!!! πŸ™‚

I am definitely not suited for this city urban lifestyle. What are people chasing after??? Have they stopped to wonder??? Just a few days ago, as I was making up my mind not to get that OSIM item, a man walked past with his spouse and two kids. He told his wife that spending $200 was an easy task and they could redeem the freebie the mall had. At that moment, I was thinking, spending $200 these days was easy, but was it necessary to spend $200 all at one go?… Let me see, if I spend on groceries, I try my best not to spend more than $50. If I spend on food for cooking, I try my best not to exceed $20 for the week. If I spend on clothes…well, these days I haven’t even really been shopping.

The only things I am more than willing to spend are items for my parents and my child. I go by this rule, if I am willing to spend that much on myself, then I must be willing to spend more than that on them. Well, I know that my parents are not greedy, and I merely like to dote on them with stuffs we all like πŸ™‚ As for my child, that’s dependent on whether the item has an educational value or learning point.

My dream: Merging with reality!