Mirror Mirror on the wall

Mirror mirror on the wall Can I get any fairer than this now?

🙂 I used to be rather tanned. And sporty. Involved in uniformed group and different forms of sports. Somehow, one fine day, I decided to call it quit and become a fair lady LOL I can’t deny that I prefer to really be out in the nature after all. It’s nice to be in the nature and I feel thrilled. That’s why I miss my numerous nature trips the most. Skyscapers don’t mean much to me. And here definitely doesn’t mean anything to me. My eyes are only for the nature. I dislike things that are pretentious and fake. But then…sometimes, don’t u think that we still have to be superficial to some extent? Just like people like pretty ones and give them preferential treatment? Just like it’s easier to find solutions to your problems and heave a breath of fresh air?

I didn’t get to see that when younger. A very righteous person right from the start, I refused to believe that this is pretty much how this world operates. But then, this is quite a truth in this world. Unfortunately for some, fortunately for others.

I still believe that with a good heart, even the disadvantaged-in-look will look very much nicer. Why? Because of very basic health and psychological care. We have to take note, be careful of what’s in our hearts, it’ll be translated to outer beauty in no time. Artificial? Many go for artificial treatment here and there, spend thousands, but do they really feel very happy about the aftermath of their treatment? It’s never enough…quite easy to earn money from such people in this way huh? 🙂

A person who understands me…she once commented, if everyone is just like me, happy-go-lucky…she’ll really be out of job in no time. Lol. Funny…and amazing shall I say? Her words reminded me of pals I hanged out in my younger days. I don’t know…maybe I’ve a screw lost somewhere? Lol……

Anyway, I like experiments.


Style Casual: Outerwear with belt

I like casual style. Unfortunately, most of the time, I failed quite badly in trying to attain the casual look. Somehow the style still remains formal 😦

I have no wish to compete. Hence I don’t understand why people just like to compare. Maybe I’m unmotivated, as seen by some who love competition and winning. As far as I can remember, I only like to outperform myself, not others. Hence I only love to immerse myself with activities and concerns that I value and love. Why should I be wasting my time on stuffs just because that’s what others want of themselves and me? I’m just like a rock, hard to move…or shall I say, the mountain? It’s perfectly alright for one to pursue what he/ she wants. But if done only for the sake of competing and winning, that’s truly pathetic. I simply don’t get it. Maybe I don’t thrive on such thrills. I enjoy activities that I love…even if it eventually gets into some competitiveness, the competing component is secondary. Or shall I say, miniscule?

I’m not a permanence, hence don’t expect me to be one. Many times, I think being a rock, or mountain is bad. People just thought, the rock is there, the mountain won’t be shifted. But we all know, volcanoes erupted, Japan shifted….etc etc. So why am I expected to be that permanence?

If I’m seen as one with that permanency, that’s because I’ve been too lazy. Too lazy to do something. I do not wait, sit around and wait for things to happen, people to make decisions for me, awaiting for instructions etc…I see, I plan, I do. But only with activities and people I like……

Funny how people love to cover up their actions and real intentions. Don’t they know that, the more they try to hide or find excuses for themselves, the clearer their hidden agendas are? To me…that’s a tough life…always have to be on your toes…because you don’t want others to see your tail. I? If I have a tail, I would just flaunt it LOL. Most of the time, I’ll just be contented with eat, sleep, play and pray……I don’t really have much brains for other stuffs.

Flower power with Top from HK

Now trying to think of various combinations with the floral belt. So happy that GSS starts next week!

I guess, sometime old habits die hard. I’ve been so used to being out. That until recently, I just can’t help feeling……wow! It’s that sense of liberation, even better than those happy days I spent with the Malay family 😀 Maybe I need some time to recover from this new state. While I’m happy, there’s still this longing for the spirit of nature. Being here i’ve seen too many high-rise buildings and skyscrapers. Too many people who care only about their pursuits of 5Cs and more. The only time that I feel, really feel that our citizens are progressing to be more than people was the pre-election moments. Hopefully this will last…tho I highly doubt so, as many are still thinking more of satisfying their whims and fancies.

It’s not about politics or economics. It’s not about brains and skills. It’s the heart. You don’t have to be in a certain position to understand. You don’t have to go through the same to understand. It’s the heart. Your heart. Your choice. We can close one eye to plenty of things. I can for sure. But I’m not born out this way. Some may hate me, absolutely… But I stick to my principles in life. And with that, I realise, it’s my heart I’ve opened. It’s great to feel. When you just react with your brains, you just lack the human touch. Am I a robot, a C3PO? Nope. Am I a computer, a C+++ Programming line? Nope. God gives me the heart and the gift. I’m using these for sure 🙂

Lovely belt from Stradivarius

Love at first sight 🙂

I figured out that I would be able to make this belt. But that would take me almost a month to complete, given my packed schedule. Hence I decided to buy. Straightforward decision. And hey presto! I forgot that I have this white skirt that I find it rather odd due to its gathered waistband. And interestingly, this knitted belt just solved the whole issue! 🙂 just when I didn’t even make any conscious effort to find ways to resolve….hahaha….

Lacy White and Satin Blue

I think this combi looks so church wedding 😛

And I’m very happy that it’s not expensive. I realise, I’ve whole wardrobe of dresses…how many separates do I have????

This morning, I witnessed a very bad accident, thank God that the motorcyclist was not badly injured…to me, the moments were horrifying, because the scenario was similar to what happened to me 2 years. This morning I was so afraid that the vehicle behind me couldn’t brake on time, just like the previous time…tho money will roll in for me in this way, but what’s the point??????????????????????

What should I say? I’m rather tired these days, though I’m as hyper at certain time. Well, I miss Disney. I miss the weather. What else? …….. I don’t feel as stifled as I used to in the past. Just that now, I still have 1001 things to do, many are the stuffs I love, and yet in between I still need to sneak some time for myself, my own personal solidarity self. I know, it’s not here. The environment and climate are v impt for me.

Simple version of a ten don

I’ve been missing the food in Hokkaido like crazy. If I go to other parts, I’m really not sure whether I can get accustomed to the food there. Though Japan is one big country, I’m not an exact fan of tempura kind of food, or the shabu-shabu type…the other place I love is Kyoto……I really hope to be there in Spring…I will leap for joy with cherry blossoms surrounding me 🙂 🙂 🙂 and sipping the fragrant brown rice tea with their traditional teacakes…yup, I shall list this as yet one of the stuffs I want to do 🙂

I look and look, not really any other place I want to go so badly. Australia?…will I go there? Taiwan? Hmmm…no…HK? Go there for what?….just shop and eat? … I don’t really like. In fact, I like Shen Zhen better lol…Scotland, well…I love the highlands lots….and their traditional piping music 🙂 and of coz the hymns that associated with the scenic views…just that the back of my mind, at the side of my head, I keep hearing the whispers…Go Japan Go Japan…haha, maybe that means Ganbatte Nippon! 🙂

I don’t like to be told what to do, by people whom I don’t derive respect from. It’s not easy for me to develop respect for anyone, neither is it easy for me to dislike someone. I don’t think that age matters. Many things are just crap. Or perhaps here, is just crap. If you see deeper…u’ll be baffled. I can see…and I’m trying v hard to close both eyes! 🙂 Anyway, yeah, I’m so looking forward to realizing many more dreams!

Taken a re-liking to white and warm white :)

When I walk out of darkness, I walk towards the light. And I’ve never like the dark colors that much, especially the black color. Yes, I might look slimmer in that, but do I really need that kind of look???

I’m happier wearing the lighter colors. I feel happy 🙂 and I like colors. Not monotones. Anyway, when I’m older, maybe I’ll start to like the darker ones…well, who knows? Who knows for sure, that I’m remaining in this Asiatic region?

I just need some time. I don’t like to react on spur of moment. Yes true enough, my heart has always proven me right, not my logical mind unfortunately tho it seems to be the best on surface…but my heart…my heart…………

A fusionised Japanese donburi

How I miss Japan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Esp so with the current situation here and the wet climate these few days….the gloomy dark clouds hovering every now and then, I feel super affected by the weather. Somehow, when I was in Japan, tho i encountered days with gloomy dark clouds, but my emotions always were much happier…and there’s always nature that I like to run towards, and friendly nice people (Japanese citizens) everywhere. Something is seriously wrong here, my heart keeps running…to Japan. But of coz, I don’t see that it’s all that fantastic. It does have its flaws, and weaknesses…earthquakes and sorts, the potential dangers are always lurking near, and increasingly so as we enter these recent years….

But I’ll never forget her people. Yes, so what they could be so rigid? Yes, there are black sheep, but aren’t they just as human as we are? Why must we deem them to be perfect while we aren’t ourselves? They are just as equal as us. Most of the times, when people fail us, we’ve to look at the root of the problem…not just condemning that group of people. Don’t we know that groupthink is very powerful, it’s even more so for both extreme groups, the so-called intellects and the so-called non-intellects. What am I saying? Perhaps we really need to see, it’s the heart that’s causing all these problems. What heart? Whose heart? Don’t we know that it’s so easy to poison the hearts? We say the things people want to hear, we say the things to influence their thoughts, we say the things that different groups want to hear…

It’s no use to keep on blaming others for our plight. Whichever plight it was. Why in the world would someone else want to take responsibility for you? We have to face up to it ourselves. Can we? Do we have the courage?

Don’t keep blaming. Don’t we need to reflect? If there’s really something ineffective or wrong, shouldn’t we realise and rectify before it’s all too late?

Some are just being prideful and refuse to admit the bright truth. But then, it’s their problem. Just don’t make it my problem and our problem, because we aren’t just talking about our own kitchen, or backyard. Even our neighbours are curious about ours…

Pink and Grey dress from a shop in Bugis

Wise man says only fools rush in But I can’t help falling in love with you…

Wise man. Fools rush. Wise man plans. Fools just wanna move ahead. Wise man seems to be losing. Fools think they are winning.

Though Japan had plenty of quakes in every single year, why aren’t the Japanese scared and fleeing for their own lives? Why do they choose to remain?

We always seek the greener pastures, don’t we? The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, isn’t it so? I think about my longing for Japan. I think about my feelings for Japan. I think about my peace with Scotland. I think about my absolute feel of nature with Scotland. Why Scotland, why Japan?

I for one, don’t take well to illogical reasoning. I for one, can detect instantly the warp mindset of the words being spoken or written. Why you chose certain words, why you phrased it in such a manner…it’s not about being grammatically correct, semantically wrong. It reveals the heart. Your heart.

Someone used to say that he’s scared of me. I’ve never been scared of someone. I’ve only been pissed off at most times. Hence I may not fully understand the meaning of scared. Maybe I always say with the truest of my heart, hence I am not scared of what people see in me. Do I have hidden agendas? Nope. But it doesn’t mean I don’t know how to have hidden agenda. It’s just against my principle in life. What are your principles in life? To begin with, do you have any?

Some people are easily swayed. They don’t have a mind of their own. Whoever can promise them the world of what they want, they love them. Some people are hard to satisfy. They want everything, everyone, to do according to what he/she wants. They are just like the sucker fish. They suck all your juices, ie your money, time and energy out. Leaving you to die when you are left with none. Some people are always envious of others. No matter what you have, they just want to have a piece of that. They copy everything, right from top to toe. This I called, copycat. Some people are badmouthers. They just don’t have anything good to say about anyone else except they themselves.

Of coz there are many others…I’m too exhausted right now to list all. What I’m glad is, my sisters and I share very similar sentiments and principles in life, despite us having different groups of friends due to our education and jobs. Should I say, it’s indeed God who binds us all, who has been putting things in place, year after year…..it has been so long……that was almost 13 years ago when I first saw the piece that God started to place in…and indeed, He has been wonderful! Praise God 🙂 🙂 🙂

I watched Thor and Arthur, over these 2 long weekends. I realised that Kenneth Branagh is the producer for this movie. That’s a whopping long time since I last watched a movie he produced. No wonder the way the words were spoken and articulated in the movie…brings very fond memories to my heart. Apart from that, I love the paradigms presented in the movie. Reminds me of another movie, depicting time travel and being transported back to the Middle Ages…

I don’t know. I do wonder…many times. Am I a wonder girl, looking back at my ceiling again? Lol……