Cook and eat. Eat and cook.

I love to eat. I always enjoy food. And I’m very thankful that I have food to eat 🙂

I can’t imagine how skinny I’ve been in the past few months earlier on. And I’m so glad, that the ordeal was already over. I believe that my weight is gonna go north very soon. 🙂 🙂 🙂 I thank God for everything. Every thing He has blessed me wonderfully with. And I pray, that God bless the ones who have been wonderful people in my life. Without them, I really won’t know, how I’m gonna get so much strength. Coz it was extremely exhausting.

I am glad that I’m gonna have plenty of my time returning back once more. It’s always a joy to look forward to leisure. I must be thankful 🙂


A horse gnome???

How do I feel? I feel numb.

Do I really feel numb? Or am I just losing myself in the midst of all the hectic work?

It’s been raining. How I hope it’ll snow instead! At least, snow brings me plenty of nice memories. I don’t deny that snow storm can get pretty depressive too. But generally, I still love snow. Snow flakes. Ice. 🙂

Perhaps that’s why I need beef to give me the warmth. Beef and sake work best for me. I love to just eat beef on hotpot and drink sake. Ooo…

Found a like-minded person who loved the songs as much as I do. Read the same books I read. Answered similar questions in exams! Wah…

I have to put aside certain thoughts for awhile. Too many flying here and there. I know myself. I can be as focused as I can be when determined. But the thing is, I have to determine first what I want. Jumping straight ahead is not what I want. Procrastinating is not what I want. I go by this motto in life, If you never try, you’ll never know.

Rick Astley, Debbie Gibson and Tommy Page. Their songs struck a certain part of my memories. They were very happy memories. Well, what am I talking about here? I seldom have unhappy memories. Did I choose not to rem the unhappy ones? Hmmm…I can’t really remember days when I was unhappy. I feel very blessed all along. Maybe I am given a short term memory. Maybe that’s why I get to retain my youthfulness. Maybe I am just so happy-go-lucky. I am. I love Art, Music, Science, History, and much more to add. When I was young in primary, I read up on Mesopotamia and Sumeria and sorts. I love ancient History 🙂

Art and Music are always a part of me. I can’t imagine a life without such. Up till now, whenever I struck a note, I’ll feel very happy. Simple sense of happiness. Simply happy. I miss strumming the guitar. Those days when we had performance in VCH. Those days when we sang in VCH. Hmmm…those days 🙂

Hope to have a quieter mind. Tho I know it’s quiet enough 🙂

My Beloved Pair of Leather Shoes

I was real sad when I threw away this pair. Initially, I wanted to keep them, as they were made of leather, perhaps what I could do was to just polish them and bring them back to shine?? Okie, if I really want to do that, I can and will succeed in polishing them up. But do I want to really do that? I took a look at the insoles. Hmmm…not that appealing anymore. It seemed that the insoles were badly worn out. Should I, or should I not? I have another similar pair…I decided to throw away this leather one, and put my the other pair to better use. It was a sad moment for me at some point in time. I rem the first time I saw this pair…and because I loved it so much, and I knew the shoes would be worn out in due time, I bought another similar pair as well.

I seem to attach more feelings towards concrete objects. Why? Because I’m just like a computer. Not that I’m cool, but rather, I have a defective gene here. Perhaps so? If I have not lost the focus of my childhood ambition, I would have utilized the best of my defective gene and churn it to real beneficial success for my clients. Ah 😦

Nice people help me aplenty 🙂 I have stall owners who actually gave me a larger portion despite me making a one-person order. I’m very thankful to these people. The kind gestures that people make for me, I will not forget the feelings of gratitude.


I’m very amazed at how scatterbrained I can be. Or perhaps it bears no significance to me at all in my life all these while, hence it doesn’t stand out LOUD enough for me. I really can’t help laughing at myself for not even thinking of that! Having said that, yup I have happier stuffs to think about and be happy about. Why do I waste my energy to even give any thought to it?

Conserve my energy 🙂 As usual. That’s me, like it or not. Illusions can make one happy. Why not? It’s quite easy to satisfy some anyway. Don’t need to think too much into it. Just eat, drink and be merry. It’s actually very easy to be happy. Or at least for me…because I enjoy food! Right now, I’ve even thinking of cakes…I rem I used to love them so much that I would buy a small round cake to eat…until I met people who didn’t like to eat and always fear this and that, I kinda became turned-off by such. If it’s purely for health reasons, yes I empathize and understand. Apart from such reason, the rest are quite warp reasoning to me. Well, I won’t ever understand. To say the truth, I couldn’t even care about that.

I find it so funny. This particular person. Was he very nervous or was that his petpeeve??? Worst, was it me??? I do know that some people get slightly nervous when they talk to me. But that’s only ‘some’ people. Am I terrifying??? Haha, I don’t know. Maybe I am. Anyway, he’s so nice…maybe easily bullied? Haha…

Well, Twinkle Stars…how I wonder what you are… 🙂 🙂 🙂

Fruit Bar Chocolate

This is my no.1 snack! How I fell in love when I first when to Mitsuokushi. There were great assortments of nice candies and chocolates for customers. I love the bustling feel of the supermarket. How I miss the time!

I wonder, does missing this place make me slim? I don’t seem to have problem in slimming. But I don’t like to waste money, eat so much and yet still can’t see the effect. Frustrating for me. CNY is coming soon, yeah! I should eat more ba kwa then 🙂

I’m in awe. Many things. The creation. Beautiful. I rem how I loved art when I was young. From painting all the way to sewing and knitting, I loved them so and had achieved plenty by age 12. There was so much passion in the stuffs I did then. Not just indoor type, music was my forte too, and likewise for the sports like Netball and Badminton. I enjoyed so much of the ‘me’ back then. And of coz, the days were happy, and I’ve been greatly influenced to be cheery since then? I guessed so, since I didn’t have anything much to weigh me down. Studies came quite easily for me, friendships too. Recognition was always there for me as I got plenty of book prizes for my results and had been given responsibilities since young. Well…I love the school days. Never a problem for me. But having said that, I was more of the last minute kind hahaha…to me, I always believe that it’s more important to pay close attention in class than revising daily at home. I think I was quite lazy in a way, as I aimed to listen in class, do homework and then last min cramp for exams. I couldn’t really be bothered whether every week I did revision or not, as I knew eventually I would sort of breeze through. Yup, breeze is the word. I know it sounds crap in some way, but breeze is what I aimed for…hahaha…and of coz, I was pleasantly surprised when I was given book prizes. And sure enough, I was surprised as usual when some classmates just wanted to compare their results against mine. Was I bothered? Nope. To me, it’s always, u want to win, let u win lor, anyway u r in ur own race a sole and lone competitor as I’m not joining u in any race. I have better things to do in life.

The mindset is always like this. YZ’s saying will never leave my mind. Thank God for this inspirational friend who’s generally a very happy person as well.

Snacking…is it something I like? Hmmm….depends on the snack that I take 🙂