Floral dress from a bargain shop

Amazing that i got this piece from this shop. Amazing that it didnt cost much. Amazing that it's super comfy.

Rain rain go away
Come again another day

These days, the sky is pouring. Like mad.
Buckets of tears.

Oh, please, i'm looking very much to all! I feel as if i'm a giraffe laying in wait. And all good things shall flow smoothly in thereafter. Different breed. Different stocks. Great difference. Major transformation, else that line is wasted. We are all products. I studied QC before. Now i see the importance of it. Now i understand why Japanese take great pride. Even their parks are so much better than ours. Are we clean and green? This is just so fake. Plant a few trees to showcase our progress and achievements? Lay nice pavement at strategic locations to show that we love our environment? Hmmm…it really shows our heart.

The stupid ones are those who love to shout loud and proclaim their so-called achievements in their world of competitions. The foolish ones do it louder.

The clever ones…never do what's above.

It's just so easy to see the difference of breeds.

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