The shade of blue that i love (^_^)

I remember words. Very clearly.

I love colors. Vibrant and lively ones. Not dead.

I like to see beautiful stuffs. Things and people alike. Those who look and behave like pigs, definitely are ugly in all ways. They smell, due to the rotten gossip they like to share about all people, from the innocent canteen auntie to their happy chirpy auntie's families.

What smell they have. Pretentious lovely questions about others, when all they want so badly, is to gossip about people. In short, to talk bad of others, by digging people's stuffs and misappropriating information for their inner desires of gossip culture.

Men and women alike.

I may be an information gatherer. But information stops dead. I've always been a no-through road. Information stops with me. I do not spread. Some people cant stand it. Coz they simply cant dig out any info from me.

I've always mentioned. Only those stupid ones love to shout loud loud to make themselves known. And by these, they think of nothing but competition. In life, it's all about winning. I think, they've totally miss it.

Who doesnt know the art of deception? STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES. I see it everywhere, young and old. Just like, now you see me then you don't. Some people are just incapable of processing. LKY is damn right. Now i have to minimise such extension of poor genes. And the problem is, it's not just poor, it's bad as well. *shake head*

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