Grey vest top from Mango

I realised i've grown bigger. After my fall. It's rather interesting 🙂

Colors! I love colors. Except black and brown. Not that i dont like them, but i think my life's gonna be depressing wearing such colors. Haha, but i really find this saying rather true, 'Wear beautiful clothes and you'll have a beautiful life' (^_^)

By that, we dont mean you wear 'expensive' clothes. Expensive ones arent necessary beautiful. Likewise, not all clothes will suit us, regardless of its beauty. This is akin to the saying, 'Birds of a feather flock together'. You are what you wear. You decide the image you want to project. You decide what you are comfortable with. Clothes are just items for you to play around with. After all, how many clothes do we mostly have?

Alamak, suddenly have a craving for seafood soup. Yoyo, i seem to have crave pangs back again. Lol. Good or bad?

The rainy days seem to remind me of the weather elsewhere…i wonder…maybe i also miss Scotland? I miss the vastness of the land, and the herds of sheep roaming in the grassland. And, how i hope i can have my own yard and attic.

In the wait (*_*) for music and art appreciation.

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