I’m w

I'm wearing one of my 福袋 items. The floral romantic style dress from their famous Liz Lisa brand. I like this style, though it's really too sweet and romantic feel for me. I dont usually buy from them, as to me, people who love Liz Lisa are one of their own world. And their clothes are super ex. A usual dress cost from ¥10,000 onwards. I would be insane if i buy them at non-discount period. Anyway, i love this 福袋 it's my memorable time there, a part of my precious memories. As i feel awkward wearing this dress on its own, i topped it with my Muji beige long-sleeve tunic.


メモリお  なんですか?

わたしわのメモリ わかりませんが

I get so tired. My energy level is low level again. Maybe i need duracell, to move forward. Maybe i need challenges, to stimulate my mind. I'm definitely restless. Not that i have bountiful of energy, but certain areas definitely need to get the right sparks.

I need stars, not artificial lighting. I wish i can go to outerspace. Sometimes i resort to watching certain shows coz it's only then would i be transported to that world. I'm quite sure, i must hv loved winter alot. My heart just flutters with intense sensations…

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