Blue top with stripes

I love stripes, checks, polka dots. As mentioned in my earlier entry before. I love patterns. Quirky patterns are fine with me too, as long as the colors are in harmony with one another. I love the works of Picasso and Van Gogh, and my great idol, Leonardo Da Vinci. I'm in awe of his creations and intelligence. One of intellectual mind stimulates me. I hate talking to those who only know entertainment news and such, and mindless about anything else. And please, dont just talk about technical stuff like computers and balls. Isnt google such a useful tool? Almost whatever u need is just at ur fingertips. I dont need a parrot that just regurgitates such info readily avail from the net. I need and am in awe of intellectual stimulating mind.

I need more than plain info. Analytical philosophy, the art of questioning the profound mysteries of human communication and thoughts, beliefs and values. That's the connection. The link. And ok, yes, looks play a great part for proactiveness. Intelligence and looks dont exist in myth. They are realities. Though we all know most are subjective. And beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But who are we to kid ourselves when what lies right in front is plainly distasteful in 3D format?

Our paths will cross and meet again, just like how my lines are being altered. The wait is long. Would i outdo my own patience??

I look at the stars. I love how they lit up against the darkness in the sky. Yes, we are looking at the same sky. Are we at the same place in time?

With loving thoughts…

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Sweet thoughts

Feel so sweet that people care. Feel so sweet that angels are real in life. Feel so sweet that i have been real and people just accept me despite my imperfections in life. Feel so sweet to establish a bond. A bond that i've been waiting for more than 20years. I dont want to scare. But neither do i want to say untruths. I am definitely happy but i hope we understand and come to terms with it. I always seek to protect. Only let go after i realise it's better for one to learn from the actual happenings oneself. Many events in life have allowed me to see that. And yes, if you ask me this question, would i just allow the blind leading the blind? My answer would be yes. Why? Because if you simply tell them, they might not want to listen. Sometimes in life, some people are made in such a way they wont ever take heed from others. Coz of pride? I dont know. What's wrong with listening, if you know that they love you so? Alas, some just merely exploit the good-hearted nature of people around them. There's a limit to my patience. I cant afford all time for one and leave none for others. That's totally not me. If you know love, you know it's not to possess. It's to see that they grow.

Our temperaments could be similar. And our outlooks towards life. But never would i want you to go through similar torments as me. I pray that you live well and make wise choices in your life. I pray that God bless you with his angels around. I can see that, and i'm thankful. You are one of my dears, and please Lord, teach me not to protect, but to embrace and just be there.
Matcha Cheese. Another dessert day. Lazy afternoon, isnt it so? If only…if only…well, i dont want to think too much. Complicated thoughts taint my simple self. And i do not like it at all. I just want to pursue my childhood dreams for now, may be small ideas, may be big ideas. In sweet thoughts 🙂

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Down the Memory Lane

A leisure afternoon at our Cityhall area. This is the same place that i walked past years ago with my parents. I still have vivid memories of how Elizabeth Walk used to look back then. Way before we saw Raffles City and Marina Square. I am very thankful to my parents for giving me such good support in my education back then. Just that i hadnt made full use of the chance then and took the plunge to enter into the gifted stream. I wonder, what kind of mindset did i really have then? Sigh. No use lamenting. Once that opportunity has presented itself, by not taking it up would only mean one thing: It's gone FOREVER. Because of that, i have been abiding by this slogan, Never Say Cannot. Try by all means, never say cannot without trying. But then, seriously, i will only conserve my energy for stuffs that i find deserving of. Hence the criteria sets in. I know very clearly what i dont want. And i hold very clearly the picture i want. At least for this moment in time.

I like LG's tagline–Life's Good. And indeed life is good with blessings from God. He has been sending angels, known and strangers alike…wonders of God's work.

I dont build my memories of phony and fake items. Yes i am like a computer. My head behaves like one evidently, as denoted by the various tests i have taken so far. I delete memories. I may sound surprisingly heartless, but yes, it's true, i dont relate to a single incident in my recent decade. The only few relationships i dont feel detached at any point in time are family and friends.

I dont believe in building things without a foundation. And you cant build a foundation without earning for it. It's not your right, and neither is it God given. Being self-reliant is very important. You cant and mustnt expect others to provide for you, even if they are your parents. Likewise, i do not expect my child/children to provide for me when i am old. To have them by my side is a bonus, not a right. But having said that, if the foundation's right, my children will love to be with me 🙂

We are the world
We are the children
We are the ones who made a better day so lets start giving
There's a choice we're making
Sudden realisation that the lyrics for this song bears much warnings for the human race. And this was written back then in Year 1987?? Well, well, more than 20yrs…since then… And human race is reaping what they have sowed. We can see it almost everywhere. Sad? Lost? Indifferent?

To everyone out here who believes in taking charge of your choice, one thing to remember, God is great! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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Romantic Thoughts

Dessert. I always like them. Since young. Loved to go Yaohan and Isetan. Loved all the japanese desserts back then. I rem my parents and i would buy such items coz we loved them. Or rather, i loved them. Trips to the supermarkets always excite me. Interesting it's not the toys. Anyway in my childhood days, i only like one type of toy. Nope, it's not Barbie, though i loved her miniature dresses. Well, now, i have much to offer to my child. My parents love me lots and that's why i know how to love my child lots. Beyond that, other factors i cant control and wont control, eg. Fat ugly toads. Toads are already ugly. Fat and ugly somemore, double of it. Lol

I dont like frivolous people. In fact, i look down on them, because of their superficiality. They can try to harness packs of friends, acquaintances, so-called brothers and sisters. But ultimately, beyond such ha-ha-hee-hee disposition actually reveals emptiness. In their souls. A vicious cycle emerged. To stop feeling empty, they topped up with friends and activities. They thought that by doing so, they are achieving and happy. And goodness gracious, the kind of thoughts they have, can actually be so evil and deceitful. It takes one of great perception to spot a deceit.

Sometimes, i just want to laugh at them. Most of the time, i just cant be bothered. You just cant bury your head like an ostrich and saying, nope, it's not me the one with problem. Everyone has problems to some extent. And it takes great courage for one to face up to the devil of oneself. Unfortunately, many opt for the easy way out. Coz winning is the moment of thrill that they longed for. Well…if you think about winning, you have to accept big-time loss. Go and fly a kite, get real.

I'm a hopeless idealistic romantist. All along. The right moment, the right place, the right guy. I still rem my jc fren gave me a card, warning me that i had to kiss a number of toads in order to find my prince. I thought that's kinda depressing and pessimistic. So i set out to find my prince only to realise that he's a toad after all. How to realise? I guess…when u have found your prince, you would know the existence of toads.

Love what Jerry Yan said about his relationship and feelings for Lin Chi-Ling. Maybe i'm biased, since i like such, i would definitely like what they say lol. It may not make sense to others but it does, for a hopeless idealistic romantist like me! Well…

Things will change, and i have changed. I embrace changes in my life and i look forward to each moment with happiness from God. Thanks for His angels 🙂

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Am I obsessed with Burberry items?

Love at first sight. With this bag.
Got it at the cheapest bargain I can have in Susukino. And though initially, I was rather apprehensive about the purchase, my heart told me…that I'm right, it's something I like…

Earlier encounters alike…just like my car. I love her lots, and it'll be super hard for me to part with one that I like. But neither will it be that tough either, coz I'm sure if the hearts are in line…one will understand why.

Now, the biggest purchase ever in my life, to call my own. Excited? Yes. Looking forward? Yes. Apprehensive? Yes. Still on the whole, it's much positive than ever. Can u see me smiling? I'm getting nearer to what I have in mind…Yes I'm overwhelmed, but prior experiences with such matters have placed me at a better edge in dealing with it. I just need to be focused, and I'll reach my goal in due time.

I can get totally obsessed in pursuing my goals, if I dont check myself. But at this point in time, I definitely need discipline in place. I've reached this far, and when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. I don't run away. I don't hide. I'll face you with a challenge that you won't be glad.

I pray for God's mightiness to be revealed.

Sent from my iPhone すべてのすばらしいメモリーをあなたに感谢します。

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Sudden surge

I woke up this morning, and the sudden familiarity–smell, quietness, slow, coldness–attacked my heart. Maybe it's right here in the morning and hence I feel it so. Maybe it's the heart calling out to me, which I don't seem to know…I have to put away such dreams and be focused. If things are in a mess, how can I clear my heart? I'm tired as well for the moment and need to gather strength. Perhaps just let me feel the cold, so I can be in touch with the warmth?

Sent from my iPhone すべてのすばらしいメモリーをあなたに感谢します。

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Lovely things in life

I wonder about things. Yes i like to stare at the ceiling. So what? Does it irritate u?

There are many lovely things in my life amidst all the tough situations. And i choose to do things that people might think lightly of. Eg. Eating cupcakes 🙂 staring at ceilings, laughing at myself, realising my dreams. Life may be hard, but God has made it beautiful. It's just a matter of different perspectives.

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A choc a day keeps the doctor away

Interesting. I've been eating more chocs these days, n my preference of chocs is definitely a far cry from 5yrs ago. Should i be happy that i find myself loving chocs? Or perhaps all along i love chocs but just that the chocs what used to be available were not up to my taste and thus i didnt like them and thought i didnt like chocs? Hmmm, quite a depth of study for me. I really enjoy it when stimulated in this sense. Nothing beats an intellectual philosophical insight. Dwelling on mundane affairs of life? Seemingly so for the superficial ones. Coz they arent able to see the depth of such conversations. To me, i'm delighted, it's of such fun and excitement. 🙂

I cant help praising God and thanking Him daily. I could have gotten it worse. Maybe a choc a day indeed keeps the doctor away? 🙂 Hey perhaps there's some synchronicity. I cant help but think abt that. I hope all's well. I cant do much, can only hand it to God.

Read something interesting. I think i should get that book and read. Quite like me actually. 🙂 but in a way, still not totally. Do i sort of give people mixed thoughts? Perhaps to some, i'm hard to fathom. But why?

Do i like the sun or the moon? I like the sun, this is a definite. I've never seen this hitting on me so much as now. All along, i love the bright shining sun! Well, interestingly, i love the stars as well. I've been wondering…the stars that set me in the daze. Good or bad? Hmmm…:) Maybe the stars are in daze too Lol.

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
How I wonder what you are
Up above the world so high
Like a diamond in the sky
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
How I wonder what you are

Well…i hope to see the meteor showers 🙂

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