Kate Spade Stevie

I like colours. I dont like just black, just grey, just brown. Colours as in blue, orange, pink, green, purple, yellow, red. And the list goes on. What's up with colors? Have u heard of color therapy?

If you miss the train i'm on, you will know that i am gone
You can hear the whistle blow a hundred miles.

I miss my train rides. I miss looking at the scenery, thru the comfort of my seat on the train. I miss looking out at the signages on the platform. Sigh. I guess most of us here hardly know the importance of keeping to time, and being punctual. For train rides, if u miss it, u miss IT. Perhaps that's why the people tend to cherish what they have even more.

I'm beyond words. I take a seat, relax and rest. See the flowers and the birds on the trees, arent they beautiful? God's wonderful, and that's the beauty of my life. God is real.

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Chiffon Yellow Dress on its own

With the help of a lace-y inner slip fr Zara, i finally was able to wear this chiffon dress on its own, without leggings. However, i still find it a tad too short. Well, never mind, it just takes some time to be used to it. Just like if u are in the Land of the Rising Sun, u wont really find mini-skirts eye-catching, as that seems to be the norm for most fashionwear.

Something happened today. Things happen every day. What am i saying? Something happened today. Well, angels are everywhere and i thank God for them. I attended a meaningful course today. And of course, each time, i simply cant help but think that all these only reaffirmed my decisions and thoughts. I missed the joy of pursuit. I'm very decided. To excel in what i've been blessed with. I dont hanker after wealth and riches. I will realise the dreams. My grandma's a strong influence to my life, soft and kind, i learnt many lessons fr her life. And the love that she had.

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Dont be a clone

The least i want to be is a clone. I'm me, myself, not a replica of anyone. Hence i dont like people to compare me to others, or use me as a basis for comparison. Why cant people just be who they are, instead of trying to be forever of who they arent? Those who arent contented will never be so. We all have a choice, the right to choose happiness. And i hv my rights too. Happiness is a choice. I agree with Thomas Jefferson.

First time trying out this combi with the cardigan and the long sleeved shirt as inner. Didnt want to wear the shirt on its own lest i appear as someone whom i dont hv good feelings towards. Interesting how things work in life. When u r happy, they arent. When they arent happy, they try to make urs become like theirs too. How selfish such people could be. Seems to them that no one apart fr them is entitled to happiness. Well, i'm still me n myself. I cant be bothered. U wanna frown, twist ur mouth, add wrinkles to ur face, that's ur problem. It's ur choice. I just happily smile, n i'm still me, myself.

Oh darling darling
Stand by me
Oh stand by me

Thank you for all loved ones who have been standing by me all these while. The kindness, love and generosity extended deeply touched my heart and coz of them, i found love that's always here in my life. Only with love, then would all things be in place. Only with love, then would the joy be reflected upon all aspects of your life. Only with love, then would you encounter Radiance.

Cheers! πŸ™‚

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Some said i looked very japanese in this combi. Hmmm…actually i dont have the intention to look like a japanese by wearing such combi. But i dont know why, somehow whenever i mix n match, i usu end up with an image projecting a very japanese style effortlessly and unintentionally. In reality, i prefer the French style, Parisan look. And esp Coco Chanel's image of classic beauty. Well…what can i say? I just dont know why too. Or how i manage to look like a japanese. It gets pretty frustrating to me. Because i want my own unique fashion sense. Not just some kawaii kind. I get frustrated to be misunderstood. Sigh.

The top is from Uniqlo Tokyo and the skirt is from Zara Basic.

I dont know much
But I know I love you
And that may be all I need to know……

A beautiful life. A beautiful soul. A beautiful heart.
It saddens me that these days people dont seem to comprehend the meaning of beautiful anymore. What we keep seeing are ugliness in existence. In society, studies, work, friends, families…it saddens me when i hear about people being negative in their microscopic view of the world they live in. It saddens me to see that they hold superegocentric view of themselves. What's the super wrong with such people? Why dont they ever hold responsibilities for themselves? Why do they like to pretend and be a phoney? I've seen not just one, but more than 4 in both my social and close contacts. It is real sad. But as the saying goes, 上撁不正 下撁ζ­ͺ This chinese saying reflects utter truth. To put it blatantly, we are all products. There's a quote in the bible too. That we cant expect good trees to bear bad fruits, and vice versa. It's a sad universal truth which most people tend to push it away coz they dont claim responsibility for themselves. I'm just appalled beyond words. Such moments lead to contempt and disgust. I try to guide my heart too. I dont like negative thoughts and wont want negativity to cloud my vision in life. The harmful effects of negativity i've seen, r indeed bad for the penetrators themselves. All religions have the similar sayings. And i always believe, it will be reflected in your life, very brightly.

I am thankful that i'm blessed with the gift from God. Despite that, i have not exploited on God's gift and i still allow myself to explore the hidden truths of the facade people put on, with hurts and sadness, joys and happiness, i advocate nothing but the truth. Truth hurts, and reality bites. This is fine, if you accept responsibility for your actions.

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Debut picture of my Lovely Samantha Thavasa Handbag

I still remember how people complain about the sales here, arent really sales at all. And yes indeed. I cant believe that we term our sales here as 'sales'! If we are having sales, then the loots we have from sales in other countries would be termed as 'bargains', this is definitely more apt. Initially i found this bag a tad too big for me. But i love the silver and gold combi, simply kawaii. And the price was real great, a super bargain. No wonder the japanese went crazy during those days of SALES. Lol. And of coz the Hongkongers and the chinese were also having their super fun time there. It's amazing. Seeing the kind of pricing they have there during their sales, really deter me from stepping into the malls over here. Ok, i still need to eat and find eye candy. Gotta step out. But apart from that, what's nice? No motivation.

The woods are lovely, dark, and deep.
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

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Fox in Blue Stripes

Ok, is this a top that's blue with white stripes or white with blue stripes? Perhaps depends on your angle of view. Got it from Fox some years ago. Love the cut and colors, not just the bargain. Interestingly, the brand for it is Fox, of which someone donkey years ago commented i looked like one due to my facial features. Lol. Did i take offence? Nope. As long as it's not my character and personality at stake. Well, some said i looked like a pixie, or elf like in Lord of the Rings. Hmmm:) interesting that i dont look human??? Maybe that's why i have a natural affection towards dogs and especially Husky. Well, i miss the dogs i saw in Pole Town. I hope they are in good hands now. They are so kawaii! How i wish i can rear them πŸ™‚ I love to see how humans interact with animals. The way one handles them speaks alot. Sadly, many just treat them as some kind of prized and prestigious possession. They fail to see the truth beyond the superficialities.

I woke up this morning and the sense of missing and longing engulfed my soul. I recalled the early days when i started flipping mags. I was so captivatised by the layout then. Is that a great influence to me all along? And sometimes, when dreams come true, i just cant help feeling scared and apprehensive too. Maybe that's why people have this saying, Be careful about what you wish for. They may just come true in your life. Such saying reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. Oh, i heart this movie lots! πŸ™‚ Initially, i had thought it's gonna be some dark theme governing it. But then i realised it's on the contrary. I'm so glad to see Alice's character growing to be so much better in confidence of herself, and being firm and insistent on her decisions. She meant well for the people around her. She had a true heart and soul, and hence she's the one who could see the magical creatures and enter into Wonderland.

My morning wake must have stirred plenty of emotions within me. And dreams…

Sweet dreams are made of this
Who am i to disagree?
Travel the world and the seven seas
Everybody's looking for something


What am i looking for? πŸ™‚

Twinking stars

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I love this combi :)

I love such pastel combi. And together with my necklace, i think this look is so in line with my personality πŸ™‚ Well, never judge a book by its cover. Many people are superficial beings. They fail to look beyond the surface of things. I wonder, are they self-centred, or merely lacking? And of coz, i do know. Ha, as usual. But you really need to have a highly keen and acute observation. And for that, you cant afford to let time take control of your progress. You must take charge of your own self. I wonder, when will i really and actually set aside this time to start on my ideals? As mentioned earlier, i have 1001 things to accomplish. I need to prioritise. My loves are varied, and i know i can accomplish them. But what's obstructing me then? Or most of us actually face similiar obstructions?

Free your mind
And the rest will follow
Be colorblind
Dont be so shallow

Never understand the shallow mindset of people i've seen and known. Perhaps that's why i always love RAINBOW πŸ™‚

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What is the theme?

Just realised i havent been updating my stuff for awhile over here. Guess i'm too busy attending to my other stuff in life. Oh, i have 1001 things to do. So many things to achieve, so little time, what a classic note! Am i distracted? I've all along been a highly focused individual. But of coz at times i tend to wander:) my 1001 things to do, many things i enjoy and like in my life. I've been realising a number of them. Feel very happy and satisfied so far. I still rem the movie i used to love to watch, Life is Beautiful. I still think and find that life is beautiful. The flowers are still blooming, cherry blossoms are soon on their way to new life. I understand how Japanese feel abt the blooming of cherry blossoms. It's the essence of life, u simply find them uplifting:) Something to look forward to, something that brings happiness. I thank God for all the kindred spirits he places in my life. I have never complained abt anything in my life. God knows me best and i'm just so happy:) Is happiness merely a state of mind or inbuilt in my genetic structure? I think it's both. I've been by nature like this all these while. People dont understand. I dont expect them to, either. To each his own. I just dont understand why some people simply like to spread unhappiness to others. This is very much prevalent in our society these days. Unhappiness is super contagious. Just that i'm kind of having some immunity fr it. Coz i've the armour:) For some, this could be crap. For me, this is very real. Maybe that's also the reason why i really enjoy Mr Brain's character in his drama Mr Brain. πŸ™‚ Brilliant. However, being immune to unhappiness doesnt mean that i dont experience sadness. I do. I do feel sad abt things. I do feel sad. Just that i am not unhappy. Ok, i'm thinking abt Mr Brain again. What a personality!

This frilly blue top fr Theme was bought years ago and hasnt been worn all these while. I thought it wont look nice on me. Seems that i've underestimated the look of this top. It looks fine to me and fits me well. Ok, this kinda remind me not to put people off my arm's length. I always have a tendency to do so. Hahaha. I look kinda of cold, dont i? πŸ™‚

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