Grey skirt from Mango

I realize that I don't buy many skirts. I have many dresses. I simply love dresses.

I miss my grandma. She's the most patient and tolerant woman I've been close to in my life. She never raised her voice at me. My dad takes after her. He also never raises his voice at me. What about me then? I hate people who talk loudly. Blasting voice, all sound and silly actions. Brainless. I like intellectuals, by this I do not mean walking encyclopedia. I hate people who pride themselves in reading up and seemingly know many stuff. To me, they are just nothing much being an encyclopedia. In this Internet world where info is just so readily available at your fingertips, I can do without such kind. But intellectuals are different. They are simply so philosophical and they make profound analytical remarks. Such kind never fail to make me go, Wow! To me, they are just like the stars shining brightly, sparkling with profound wisdom. And I know that they are so wise…that in the process, they get caught up and trapped…coz this world doesn't appreciate
such kind. Sadly. But well, i believe the line will meet. We all have our responsibilities and duties in life, and I still bear the final scenery I have in my heart. The nature. My heart is there.

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Uniqlo Bra-top Singlet

I love Uniqlo innerwear. They're just so comfy for me. Maybe I'm a
touch and go person, it matters a lot to me that the clothing I wear
is comfy. But somehow, I don't know why, the type of image I projected
even in my casual style sends such a different message across.

Whenever I tune to my fav radio station, the songs never fail to
resonate my longing of my JC days, my younger moments. A wild time
then, I miss my friendship with my best friend. If only we remain
platonic all the way, it would have been so wonderful. It was just so
nice to have people who just brighten ur life with their understanding
of you…I definitely can't emote well, hence I'm thankful for people
who spend time to understand me with their heart. It's the heart that
matters, coz it's reflected just right in the eyes. The twinkle of
love. But unfortunately, many times we are just overwhelmed by our
minds. And I've been one of those who keep struggling between my mind
and my heart. It's only now that I manage to follow my heart, taking
baby steps, coz I realized that all along, my mind made me the way I
am now. It's tough, coz in the past I was too focused and preoccupied
with stuff that only my mind dominates.

I've to let my heart dominates, as surprisingly, my heart makes the
best decision for me…it's that! Just so simply! Why did I ever doubt
my heart? My heart is just so spot-on, and yet I threw away my heart
earlier on. For so many times. How many chances is my heart going to
give me? I'm thankful that God gives me so many chances, to follow my
heart. And of coz, I see that this year is the biggest chance He has
ever given me so far. To stir my heart up is not an easy task for me,
as I've been too attuned to my mind. I guess…God sees that I've made
enough bad choices by using my mind. Well, i'm indeed glad that God
loves me enough to stir my heart for this great reminder. And of coz
now, I can recognize my heart easier. I feel so much better letting my
heart lead me, though sometimes I do wonder abt the reliability of it.
But then, so far so good, and I feel good following my heart.

Is happiness a choice?

Now, I don't really subscribe to it.

Happiness is following my heart not my mind.

Happiness is loving with my heart.

Happiness is the joy of venturing into the unknowns my heart takes me

Happiness is letting go of my old beliefs that I used to make with my

Happiness is seeing my loved ones smile……from their hearts.

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Mango Peach Cardigan

I always find this piece a tad too big for me. Thankfully it goes well with my fav yellow dress. It has been raining, so wearing a cardigan suits the current weather.

I can't believe this. When I saw the word 仁, I actually read it as に. Goodness me, what has happened to my eyes and brain? In fact sometimes I do look at the Chinese characters and pronounce the katagana equivalent…faint! But I'm not an expert in this language, hence I don't understand why I encounter such a change either. Maybe it's my eyes LOL

Rain…why can't u just become snow??? But then, if it snows here, that would really be alarming for us…such a change is definitely not good for us. Let go of what we can't change. Let go of rain which just can't be snow.

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